Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wichita to Highlands Ranch, CO

530 miles?  No problem.

*Drive through a skunk smell.  It has been forever since I've smelled that.  Do they even have skunks in NC?  Not a smell you can forget.  Peee-yooooo.

*While driving through the middle of rural Kansas, the check engine light comes on .  Noooo!  In all of the road tripping we've done, this is a first.  What do I do?

*Apparently I have my priorities straight, because we stop at the Sternberg Museum in Hays, Kansas before investigating.

Whoa.  Not sure what's up with that camera angle.

They had lots of models of dinos/prehistoric creatures.

The big kids thought they were pretty cool.
Caroline was terrified and insisted that I carry her.

Until  we found this baby.
She thought he was adorable.

*After our quick tour of the museum, found an auto part store to run diagnostics on the van.  They inform me that nothing is wrong with it.  But the check engine light is still on.  Hard to relax.

*Andrew makes some calls and the dealership says that they probably used the wrong diagnostic machine at the auto parts store.  Finds a dealer about 100 miles along my route who can do a more specific test.  We stop there.  Guess what was wrong?  Nothing.  Yay for not having to get repairs!  Boo on all the time and stress we wasted on that.  I guess if you let the fuel level get dangerously close to empty, which I tend to do, it can cause a problem with the fuel level indicator switch.  The guy resets it for me and says I shouldn't have any more problems with it.  So far, so good.  

*Roadside wisdom for the day:  Happiness is a crock of beans.

*Views through the windshield

A crop duster at work

A wind farm.

We've reached the Rockies!


Natalie said...

Be sure to warn Caroline that baby dinosaurs can eat her just like the big ones :). Ha ha ha.

carmar76 said...

Wind farm! They're all over my Iowa travel route & so much fun! The kids call them Teletubbie farms. heh.

Glad your car wasn't really broken, just confused. : )