Thursday, November 04, 2010

Fall Break

The kids had a couple of days off of school at the end of last month.  Yippee!  We took full advantage of the time off and played as much as we could.  Brandon and Whitney planned out the first day:  Chuck E. Cheese's and the Natural Science Center.

We got to Chuck E's right at 9 am, when they open.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  It was wonderful!

Caroline challenged her big sis to air hockey.
She could use some practice.
And a longer reach.

At the science center,
Brandon made friends with Darth Vader,
the black rat snake.

It was another gorgeous day.
We danced

and jumped around the fountains.

Hung out with the gibbons.

Lounged around with Axle the tiger.

Posed on a bench with a bit of fall foliage in the background.
(I couldn't believe how difficult it was to get a decent
shot of these three cuties!  I think I took fifty.)

The next day, I was in charge of the itinerary.
Andrew took the day off from work and we made
our annual trip to Pilot Mountain.
We love this place!
Caroline and her Daddy.
This was our first chance to break out the winter coats.
It was COLD!
Like 43 degrees, friends.

 I told Whit she looks like a supermodel in this pic.
Lots of supermodels are still getting their permanent teeth.

 We went on a little hike around that pinnacle you can see in the back.

We climbed on rocks.

 Pondered the meaning of life.

Explored little caves and crevices.

 Played in the crunchy fallen leaves.
It was somehow relaxing and exciting at the same time.

 After a disappointing lunch at Taco Bell,
we made a quick stop at SciWorks in Winston-Salem.
The kids got to watch their first laser show in the dome theater.
Thanks to the school system for scheduling some teacher work days
so that we could have a random family fun day in the middle of the fall.


Sandy said...

"Lots of supermodels are still getting their permanent teeth" - HA! Loved that! Looks like some fun day!

Destiny Stonehouse said...

Looks like so much fun! Whit totally looks like a supermodel :) And your hair looks really light in that shot of you.

dave said...


Kiersten said...

That is the only way to do Chuck E. Cheese :)
Love that last picture. Looks like a couple of fun days.

Joey/Denny/Emma said...

Can't believe how grown up your kids are getting. Love that photo of Caroline and her daddy.

Ang said...

You always find the most FUN things to do when you have a break from school. Super Mom! (And Super Dad! But somehow I think a lot of the ideas are Super Mom's :-).