Saturday, November 13, 2010

Random tidbits

*Andrew has been playing a new game with the kids called "Red Zone." 
I don't know the rules, but they love it.
Neighbor kids have joined in and even Whitney has been out playing
football, which I never thought would happen.
She is adamant about her hatred for the pigskin.

*I love my ipod.  A few years ago, Andrew spent fun money he had hoarded saved for a LONG time on an nice video ipod.  Since I promptly spend my fun money each and every month, I bought myself a refurbished ipod shuffle for twenty-four dollars.  A few months ago, before the road trip, Andrew offered to trade with me.  What?  He said he only ever listens to podcasts on his (which is true) and a shuffle would work just fine for him.  True again.  I hurried and accepted his trade proposal before he could change his mind.  I love having playlists, seeing the names of songs that are playing, AND
it came in handy during soccer games when the girls could watch episodes of Dora or Hannah Montana.

*Caroline has become a big fan of Wal-Mart, just like her mother.  Mainly because she loves to check for samples in the bakery department.
This doughnut was a little more than she could handle.

*Andrew and I went on another little overnight getaway in October.
We are forever indebted to Mary Topp.
I think she has a first class ticket to heaven solely based 
on the service she has given to our family.
We went to the temple.
And the Cheesecake Factory.
Two of my very favorite places on earth.

*We saw these four parallel sky scratches when 
we were out driving around the other evening.
We thought they were pretty darn cool.

*The kids tried on some alternative costumes
when Halloween was over.

*Andrew roasted pumpkin seeds this year.
They were really good.
He loved them and wants to make more.

*We took some family pics with the tripod 
while we were at Pilot Mountain.
I find it hard to believe that Brandon is harder to 
photograph than Caroline.  But he is.

*We installed a new kitchen faucet.
I am in love with it.

*We don't get a whole lot of good sunsets in NC.
This one was gorgeous.
I drank it in.
And grabbed my camera.


Lora Jewett said...

You are doing such fun things in North Carolina. The Temple picture is pretty.

Ang said...

So much fun stuff! Jonas is congenitally unable to pose normally for a photo, too. The outgrow it. Kinda. (Unless their name is Tony.)

A Hunter said...

Great sunset colors! But I bet you love seeing them back west where they go on forever. San Diego is where my love for sunsets resides.

Loving the faucet too! Can't wait to get mine redone.

carmar76 said...

that sunset is gorgeous! and hooray for babysitters so you can have date nights! i'm that babysitter for those in my life. : ) (this weekend it's leyton, and we've had SO MUCH FUN!)

Natalie said...

I too love your kitchen faucet. Nice work!

The Oregonians said...

It wouldn't be a typical family group shot if there wasn't at least one "ham". That's what makes them so valuable fifty years later.
Thanks for sharing.

Kiersten said...

Great post, lots of good stuff!

Julie said...

Beautiful sunset, awesome-looking black kitchen faucets!, gorgeous family. You are most blessed. Hugs to all.

amy said...

I am so jealous and impressed that you and Andrew can find time and babysitters to get away just the two of you. That's great!

Grandma Sweat said...

These pictures are awesome! The sunset, the pumpkin seeds, the Sweats, each and every one of you. Thanks so much for the great peaks into your life.
With love,
Grandma Sweat