Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes--November

11/4--Andrew was sitting on the floor doing something on his laptop when it was time for the kids to go to bed tonight.  Caroline came up behind up, wrapped her arms around his neck and said, "You.  are.  the best.  daddy.  in the world."

11/7--When she woke up (at 5:45 am thanks to DST!), it was still dark outside and Caroline said, "Someone needs to turn on the sun."

11/8--Brandon's financial commentary for the month:  "If I had a hundred and fifty dollars and went to Michael's [craft store], I could buy enough things to keep me entertained for three years.  They have bouncy balls, model toys...everything a boy could want!"

Since he doesn't have $150,
he can have fun for free in the backyard leaves.

11/9--We were at the pediatrician's office today, waiting in our exam room for the doctor.  We were playing a game of "I Spy" (Caroline's current fave) to pass the time.  When it was her turn she said, "I spy an animal that lives on a farm.  It has two legs, two noses, two hands, and two stripy arms."  Any guesses on that one, folks???

11/9--Caroline has reached the age where we can understand almost everything that she says.  But she has one word that we couldn't figure out:  "Stegment."  She would use it at random times and from the context, I could understand what she meant.  I think for now we decided that it is her word for belly button.

11/10--Sitting at the table eating lunch today, Caroline said, "There's a place called Sydney.  And there's a girl called Sydney."  What a smart observation!

 Geography expert.

11/13--Tonight Brandon shared a talent that surprised and amused all of us.  He can suck in his tummy and his belly button completely disappears.  He can play peek-a-boo with it.  Hilarious.  When Whitney tried to see if hers would do the same thing she said, "I can't do it.  Mine just looks like a ninety-thousand-year-old dog."  Whoa.

At least she has the face of a cute six-year-old girl.

11/14--In nursery today, we had a little girl visiting.  I don't think she's used to calling people by Sister Smith or Brother Jones.  When I told her my name was "Sister Sweat," she gave me a funny look.  Later when we were having snack-time, she said, "Sweaty sister, can I have some more water?"  Cracked.  me.  up.

11/14--Care Bear's observation on tonight's dinner salad, "These cucumbers are so cucumby."

 Her smile is so smiley.
And the cake was pretty cakey.

11/17--One of Caroline's cute little quirks this month:  In the middle of dinner, she'll stand up in her chair, raise her arms high in the air, and say, "Everybody raise your hands!"  We play along and cheer with our hands up, then she sits down and we finish our meal.

11/19--Whitney's deep thoughts from the back of the van, "I wish I was a dog...in France.  They live like kings I tell you!"  I think she's read one too many picture books about French poodles.

11/23--The boys made a fire in the fire pit tonight and Whitney asked me, "Mom, why are fires hot?" 

11/25--One of the things I love about vacations is that Andrew gets to change half (or more) of Caroline's dirty diapers.  After he finished changing her today, Caroline was walking around singing this song, "Lucky lucky Daddy.  Lucky lucky Daddy."  I'm sure he'd disagree.


The Oregonians said...

Some great quotes this month.

You can find the name of Whitney's farm animal in Edmond Rostand's
"Cyrano de Bergerac." It's a

Ang said...

As always, hilarious.

Well done, sweaty sister-in-law. Well done.

Kiersten said...

Sweaty sister, ha ha! Great post as always:)

Natalie said...

Caroline is really cracking me up these days! She is too cute. Love that she stands up on her chair during dinner and asks everyone to raise up!

Sandy said...

I love that Caroline is now quote-worthy! Hilarious, as usual!

carrie said...

Sweaty Sister - that made me laugh out loud! There are days it would probaby be nice to be a dog in france. Ü

Grandma Sweat said...

Sweaty Sister gave me the best belly laugh of the week. Thankful for OOTMOFB!
Grandma Sweat

Angela said...

Sweaty sister. That's hilarious!!!