Thursday, December 16, 2010

Family pictures 2010

Living up to my reputation as a cheapskate, I swapped family-picture taking with Shelley this year rather than pay a photographer.  I was thrilled with the results. (Thanks, Shelley!)  And they were free!  When I started printing copies, it made me long for a DSLR, though.  I tried to enlarge one to 11x14 for the wall.  It was grainy.  You can definitely tell it was taken with a point and shoot.  Dang.

Here are some of my favorites.

I LOVE Andrew's Siberian husky eyes.

Brandon has a REAL smile.

One happy little girl.

My fave family shot.

Walking into the sunset....

I like a good standing shot where you can see
just how much taller Andrew is than Caroline.

Cute smiles.

Sweet Whitney.

Pure joy.
Bottle it.

Two happy girls.

My two favorite boys.

We're comin to getcha.

Five of us all in a row.
 I love the way annual photos capture our little family at this moment in time:  Andrew still looking hot, as always.  My discovery of (and close relationship with) the flat iron.  Brandon's face slimming into such a mature boy.  Whitney's permanent incisors coming in.  Caroline's adorable little blond braids.  
Makes me wonder what next year's photo will look like.  Will I find my first gray hair?  How much closer will Brandon be to my height?  Will Care Bear still be a blondie?  Only time will tell.


carrie said...

Great family pictures!

carmar76 said...

i love your smiles! everyone looks great, and shelley did a terrific job!

Ang said...

Great pictures! I have such photogenic relations. Loved your Christmas card, too.

Natalie said...

Siberian husky eyes? Where did that come from? That first pic of just Caroline is awesome. She is such a cutie pie. Put that girl in a commercial! And I can't believe you haven't had any gray hairs! Lucky! I found two this year on my birthday no less.

Andrew said...

You'll never go gray, babe. When you turn 40 you'll still look 30...and I'll look like I'm 50. But at least I'll still have my eyes which resemble those of a dog. Yeehaw!

The Oregonians said...

These great pictures are the perfect Christmas treat.
Thanks for sharing.

Grandma S said...

You updated your blog picture! We just got your Christmas card and pictures - thank you so much. I love them and thanks for sending the black-and-white ones of the kids - they're up on the wall!
Grandma S.

Paul said...

Still waiting for your first gray hair?!?!?! That ship sailed quite a while ago. Don't worry the gray ghost will find you...eventually.

Sandy said...

Your pictures turned out GREAT!! I've been avoiding taking any with my hippo belly going on...maybe in a few months...we'll do Easter pictures...or 4th of July..actually, Halloween might be more realistic...

Kiersten said...

Great pics!