Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Fun

I've been so busy posting family pictures and spiritual thoughts that I left out all the holiday fun we've been up to this month.  Now I just have to throw it all together into one big long post. 

Caroline sat on Santa's lap.
And didn't even cry.

Enjoyed a Christmas breakfast at church.
The kids sang with the primary,

Whitney sang a solo,
Brandon played a couple of piano songs,
and I sang a duet with Kelly.
We love Christmas music.

Went to the Festival of Lights downtown.
Missed the tree lighting because I thought it was
five blocks away.  It was actually right across the street
from where we parked.  Oops.

Went to the Nutcracker with Whitney.
We loved it.
Except the theater was hot.

Andrew and B went to the Longhorns-Tarheels basketball game.
Brandon has become a huge Texas fan.
They missed most of the first half because traffic was horrendous.
But the game was intense and Texas won.
Hook 'em Horns!

Pajama Day at school where Whit watched 
Polar Express and was chosen by Santa 
to get a sleigh bell.

The kids helped me bake Christmas goodies.

And watched to make sure they weren't overdone.

Annual Christmas Cookie Exchange with my preschool friends.
Except we exchanged white elephant gifts instead of cookies this year.

Another flag football game for the boys.

Andrew gets less sore each time they play.
And he LOVES it.

Brandon gets to be all-time center.

 There are risks involved when you play football with
people three to four times your size.

But they are risks B is willing to take.

Care Bear had fun watching the game.

Made gingerbread houses as a family.

Brandon, Caroline (ate hers before pics could be taken), Whitney,
Andrew's homage to the Lakers championship, and mine. 

Yummy Christmas Eve dinner of shrimp and artichokes.
Served separately.

Christmas Eve family pic.

Read the nativity from Luke before bed.

And then... Christmas Day!
I love being a mom on Christmas morning.
SO fun to watch the kids reactions.
Brandon got a little helicopter.
Now Andrew wants one.

Caroline loves this little tutu skirt.

Whitney can't wait to use her Easy Bake oven.
(I didn't realize we needed a 100 watt light bulb.  D'oh!)

All of us are enjoying our big family gift:
a Wii!

Ate a scrumptious brunch with our friends.
Then played Curses, a hilarious board game
for people who don't take themselves seriously.

Had a super fun night with the Peos who were on their way to Florida.
Five little girls had a blast playing with PlayDoh.

It was a short visit, but we loved it.

And to top it all off, we ended up having a White Christmas!
And this time it was enough to cancel church.
It was even enough for Brandon, Andrew, and I built a snow fort.
Our snow endurance isn't very long, so this is as far as we got.
Not a whole lot of shelter, but it looks cool.


Ang said...

Wow! That's an amazing amount of holiday fun. I'm particularly fond of Bishop Sweat's scissor jump (that's what I'm calling it) during the flag football game, and I love that Sweats across the nation continue to have popcorn shrimp for Christmas Eve dinner. By candlelight. As it should be. :)

shelley said...

you. ate. shrimp?

are we even friends?


Amy said...

Yess....popcorn shrimp....I had Mac & Cheese with the meal that's still a tradition right?

I like the snowman with your gingerbread house.
I also enjoyed the "donkey" in the nativity.
And Brandon always wins the award for best present opening reactor!

Natalie said...

Love all the holiday traditions.

Brandon- I feel betrayed! How can you cheer for the long horns over the tarheels? You know this is the tarheel state right?

andrea said...

Clarification: I COOKED shrimp. I did not partake of said crustacean. It was a vegetarian Christmas Eve for me. :)

Grandma S said...

The scissor jump (as Ang dubbed it) picture reminded me how wonderful 2010 has been for Andrew's health! And I forgot to make macaroni and cheese for Christmas dinner! Tony mentioned it when we were finished and I was stunned at my forgetingness - I showed him my "marching orders" list that I'd made for the meal, and there was macaroni and cheese in black and white and yet I forgot. But I did add crab!!! One King Crab leg for $10 - it was divine. Oh Andrew, the big leg piece I pulled out - I wish you could have been here to see it!
XO to all of you,
Grandma S

Joey/Denny/Emma said...

Such a great post and wonderful photos! Emma got an Easy Bake oven, too (and we also didn't realize you need a 100-watt bulb -- Grandpa had to bring one up later in the day).

The Oregonians said...

Everybody needs a grampa who has an extra light bulb lying around.
Thanks for the great update and pictures, especially the family Christmas Eve one. You guys are all models.
Happy New Year!

carrie said...

What a fun Christmas!