Sunday, January 02, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes--December

12/2--Whitney is reading a scary book right now about a haunted castle.  It might be too much for her.  This morning she told me, "It makes my tummy feel tingly!"

12/2--Whitney's Christmas Wish:  "I want a robot that looks just like me.  And I'll just hold still and pretend I'm the robot.  And the robot can do all my homework and get all the answers right and do all my Saturday chores and come up with lots of great ideas."

 I'm sure that's Robot Whitney picking her nose.

12/4--This, my friends, is what happens on a snowy Saturday when you don't leave the house:
 Whitney gives Caroline a makeover.

Then she turned her sights on me.
Luckily, she went with a less dramatic palette for my new look.

12/6--When I'm deep in thought, which happens ALL the time (?), I find myself furrowing my brow.  That must have been the case today when we were playing upstairs and Caroline asked me, "Are you mean?"
"Because your eyebrows are mean."
I think she has noticed that all the bad guys in cartoons have large, pronounced eyebrows.

My mouth is smiling, but my eyebrows are still scowling.

12/6--Caroline is way into telling other people, "That's not nice."  She must hear it too much from me.  Tonight at dinner she told us, "Someone killed me...and that's not nice."

12/7--Right when I'm done Christmas shopping for the kids, Caroline decided she wants to add something to her list:  a bunny.
Me:  What kind of bunny?
C:  A working bunny.
Me:  What's a working bunny?
C:  With a button you can push.
Oh, great.  She wants a toy that doesn't exist.  I'm having flashbacks to the year Whitney was dead set on getting a REAL unicorn.

12/8--C's wish list keeps getting worse.  Now she has decided that it needs to be an ORANGE bunny with an ORANGE button.  D'oh!

 This was as close as Santa could get--
a white bunny with a pink button.
She seemed happy with it.
(But has hardly played with it since Christmas!)

12/8--We were out for dinner tonight and I told Caroline, "You have crazy hair today."  She did.
Her comeback?
"Yea, like you."
She's got a point.

Exhibit A:  Crazy Hair

Exhibit B:  Two heads of Crazy Hair

12/13--Whit found my old cell phone and she and Brandon have been playing with it for the last two days non-stop.  They have figured out how to do things with it that I didn't know how to do after using it for two years!   The thing that cracked me up is that Brandon programmed contacts such as "Ima Dummy" and "Monkey Bums" and then walks around having the electronic phone voice say them over and over.  Hilarious.

12/14--I took Caroline shopping at a sporting goods store.
She was sure the football tees were meant to
be used as high heels.

12/30--I got a video game called "Just Dance 2" for Christmas.  You dance along trying to follow the moves on the screen.  It is SO fun.  I was playing with the kids today and Brandon was doing really well.  He said, "This could be the launch of my dance career!"

 We've got moves.

Maybe if the dance career falls through, he
could try pastry chef

 or cartoonist.

Random photos of the month:

 On one of our many snow days this month,
Whit and I played restaurant.
I love her menu for "Ladey's Lala."

Also love Caroline's unprompted silly face.

Brandon and Caroline fell asleep with books on their
faces on consecutive nights.  Cracked me up.

Peek a boo!


The Oregonians said...

These kids must have professional comedy writers hidden under their beds. Funny stuff.
Thanks for sharing.
Happy New Year

carmar76 said...

*BIG smile* this is one of the best OOTMOB yet! i love that your kids fall asleep reading. that's my hope for leyton, that he'll continue to enjoy books as he gets older! : )

Ang said...

I would LOVE to dine at a place called Ladey's Lala!

Great OOMB, as always. And Caroline looks ravishing with blue (not mean!) eyebrows.

Natalie said...

That pic of Caroline in all the make up is cracking me up! She no longer looks so innocent. And that mean eyebrows comment was too much!

Kiersten said...

so cute!
I love how kids have to have something and then never play with it :)

amy said...

So cute! At just 2 years old she's falling asleep reading.

Jack had a very specific Christmas present that Santa couldn't find too.

B's cartoons are pretty cool. He should design me some Room Doodles to add to my site!

Grandma S said...

Really, REALLY, it's OOTMOB time? It's the gift that just keeps on giving. Thanks for keeping track of all of these moments for us to treasure with you!
Grandma S