Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Profile 2011: Whitney

 Whitney Amelia
Age 6

What's one thing you're really good at?  I'm really good at jump roping.

What's one thing you wish you were better at?  I wish I was better at basketball.

What's your favorite treat?  My favorite treat is ice cream.
Which flavor?  Peppermint.

What's your favorite game to play?  My favorite game to play is Memory.

What scares you the most?  Bats.

How tall do you want to be when you grow up?  As tall as Mom.

What job do you want to have when you grow up?  I want to be a rock star because I've thought up many songs.

Future rock star?

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Vegetables.  Broccolli, lettuce, and carrots.
Why?  Because I like those vegetables.  And I like the colors green and orange, too.

If you could choose a different name, what would it be?  Elise.

What rule in your house would you get rid of if you could?  Homework before video time.

If you had a million dollars, what would you buy first?  A bunch of candy.
What kinds?  Bubblegum, lollipops.

If you were a teacher, what subject would you teach?  I would teach math.

I was thinking entomology...

Favorite color:  violet

Favorite TV show:  Wild Kratts [a new show on PBS kids]

Favorite thing to do in your free time:  Read

Favorite book:  Midnight on the Moon with Jack and Annie [Magic Tree House Series]

Other random snippets from Mom:  Whitney is about as sweet as a girl can be.  She is constantly giving us compliments, loves to help me in the kitchen, and will often color pictures then wrap them up and leave them at our bedroom door as presents.  She prefers playing inside to out.  Very artistic--loves coloring, drawing, painting, making things out of the Bendaroos she got for Christmas.  She is the best eater, not picky at all.  She is the most difficult of our children to wake up for school in the morning and most mornings just takes a little baggie of cold cereal with her for breakfast because she's running late.  She is such a great big sister to Caroline, often reading her books at night before they fall asleep.  She is on a cheerleading squad for the first time this year and likes it so far.  She LOVES school and her first grade teacher, Mrs. Garrison.  She does NOT want to move, so is hoping Daddy's job does NOT take us to Dallas this year.


Ang said...

Those pictures are beautiful! And Elise will be honored by Whitney's name change choice. And how in the world you managed to get a 6 year old to name BROCCOLI as a food she would love to always eat boggles my mind. Most grown ups wouldn't say that!

Love you Whit!

carmar76 said...

I, too, was impressed with Whit's favorite foods! Way to go raising a great reader who loves her veggies! : )

Grandma Sweat said...

I love the picture of Whit holding the butterfly! And I love Caroline's favorites list too - It whizzed up and down so fast I didn't get to add my electronic love. I also love that her favorite color is "violet" - so classy!
Grandma Sweat

Kiersten said...

Cute! I love this idea...I need to do it with my kids :)

Destiny Stonehouse said...

Oh I miss her! She is so pretty and SO dang smart! Love ya, Whit!

Natalie said...

Whit is on a cheerleading squad? I had no idea! I want to see pics.

amy said...

Go math teachers!

Seriously vegetables?

Sandy said...

What a sweet girl - great pictures, too! And...continuing in our twilight zone lives...my sister's name is Elise :)

Joey/Denny/Emma said...

Loved your profiles of both Whitney and Caroline. You have two gorgeous and intelligent daughters!

The Oregonians said...

It's time to tell Whitney about the Dallas Cheerleaders.