Saturday, January 15, 2011

Profile 2011: Caroline

Time for the annual snapshots of each family member.  Care Bear's up first.  I decided to go ahead and interview her this year.  Some of the responses are a little nonsensical, but others are perfectly accurate.

What's one thing you're really good at?  Coloring.

What's one thing you wish you were better at?  The mall.  [I'm not sure what she meant here, but she did throw a couple of tantrums last time we were at the mall, so maybe she's aiming for better behavior?]

What's your favorite treat?  A cookie.
What kind?  Chocolate chip.

What's your favorite game to play?  Toy Story 3.  [We have a Toy Story Memory game.]

What scares you the most?  Chuck E. Cheese when he walks around.

What job do you want to have when you grow up?  A farmer.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Mint.  Mint Chocolate Chip.

If you could choose a different name, what would it be?  Cupcake.


If you had a million dollars, what would you buy first?  Chuck E. Cheese's.

What's your favorite color?  Yellow and green and gray and red.

What's your favorite tv show?  Piglet [I don't think she's ever seen Winnie the Pooh.  I would say Diego is really her fave]

What's your favorite movie?  Incredible Me [I thought she meant Despicable Me, but when I tried to correct her, she said, "No, Incredible Me."]

Favorite thing to do in our house?  Take a shower.  [She takes baths...and does love them.]

Favorite animal?  Dogs and Cats

Favorite place to go?  Chuck E. Cheese's to ride the pony.

Are you seeing a theme here?

Other random tidbits from Mom:  Caroline Rose is still our little sweetheart.  She is very loving and affectionate.  But the terrible twos are just beginning to show.  She has started saying NO a lot.  She loves doing puzzles and playing with Little People and dishes.  Afternoon naps are happening about 75% of the time, but she happily plays in her room for an hour of "quiet time" on the days she doesn't nap.  She loves to hop, sing, color, and do somersaults.  She hates getting her hair combed and leaving fun places.

We're looking forward to seeing what 2011 holds for our little Care Bear!


The Giles Files said...

She is a cupcake. So cute and sweet. I love how you do these profiles. I think I need to copy you. (that's the best form of flattery - you know that, right) ;)

Natalie said...

I am so going to start calling her cupcake now. And all her chuck e cheese comments were hilarious.

Ang said...

*I* get a little scared by Chuck E. Cheese when he walks around. Very astute, Caroline! She's getting so big I can hardly believe it. Great profile.

Andrew said...

Cupcake. Awesome.

carmar76 said...

SO CUTE! I like Cupcake. lol Leyton does the same thing w/ favorite colors, his favorite favorite is blue, but he likes red and green and purple, as well. And sometimes yellow and orange. (So, all of them? I asked the other day. Yep, he replied.) : )

The Oregonians said...

By the end of 2011 Cupcake will have bought her own Chuck-e-Cheese franchise, painted the pony
yellow, green, purple and gray
and can be found eating mint chocolate chip cookies while riding it.

amy said...

Cupcake - that's cute.

{kim} said...

She's so cute! reminds me of Tatum so much. I love how you do this profile thing. I, too, may have to copy you :-)

Kiersten said...

Too cute :)

Sandy said...

Is she really getting that big? Wow - what a little cutie!! Cutie...cupcake?