Thursday, January 27, 2011

Profile 2011: Me


Favorite Sport:  Football to watch.  Tennis to play.

Is really good at:  Not taking myself seriously.

Wishes she was better at:  Using my time wisely.

Best part about my job:  Getting to play with my kids throughout the day.  It rocks.

Favorite pastimes:  Reading, playing the Wii (bowling and tennis with Drew, Just Dance by myself or with B & W), hanging out with my friends, taking my kids on adventures, blogging and reading blogs.

Favorite recent reads:  Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick, Girl in Hyacinth Blue by Susan Vreeland

Favorite restaurant:  Bonsai Japanese

Notable changes/events in 2010:  Finished Psych 301:  Psychological Statistics  (Only eight more classes to go!)  Played competitive tennis for the first time and loved it, especially our one and only win.  Continue to work in the nursery at church and love hanging out with those cuties each week.  Became a part of the newly-organized High Point Stake of our church--exciting!

Hopes for 2011:  Finish the Child Development class I started this month as well as one more class toward my degree.  Also finish my continuing ed credits to renew my dental hygiene license this summer.  Purchase a dSLR camera and figure out how to use it.  Continue to have daily personal scripture study in the mornings before the kiddios wake up.  Get some exercise on my bike once the weather finally warms up.


Mom Sweat said...

What a gorgeous photo at the end!! I am so impressed with your profiles. I did a switcheroo in my mind when I read "Wishes she was better at" and thought you wished you didn't take yourself seriously.....and was shaking my head thinking you don't know yourself at ALL!!
XO to all of you. We were just looking at some old photos and oh my gosh we MISS YOU!
Mom Sweat

shelley said...

all i can say is :)

Andrew said...

I. Heart. You.

carmar76 said...

woot! only 8 more classes to go! you rock! : )

also, i really like your earrings in the last picture. very nice!!

The Oregonians said...

Who wins at the Wii games? You, Brandon or Whitney?