Monday, January 31, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes--January

1/4--Caroline and I were playing with Play-Doh, one of her favorite pastimes.  When I made a snake, she said, "I'm proud of you, Mommy!"  So sweet.

1/5--Now that the kids are back in school, I asked Brandon what his friends got for Christmas.
B:  I don't know.
Me:  You didn't ask them?
B:  No!  That's a GIRL thing, Mom.
I had no idea.  I'm already uncool, I guess.

Note to self:  Don't ask nine-year-old boys
what they got for Christmas.

1/10--We were asking the kids about ideas for Spring Break.  When we asked Caroline where she wanted to go, she said, "Home Depot."  Interesting idea.

She IS a fan of that store and even wore her
orange apron to run errands one day.
In this pic, she was saying,
"Look how big my shadow is!"

1/12--This, my friends, is what I would look like if the kids chose my hairstyle and accessories:
Not gaining any points on the coolness scale.

1/16--We drove by a church that had a sign outside that said,, "Real people.  Real relationships.  Real belonging."  Brandon said, "Good thing they have real people at that church.  I thought they were all cyborgs and jelly-filled mannequins."  That boy cracks me up.

1/17--Brandon came walking downstairs today and said, "Genius is 98% awesomeness, 1% smartness, and 1% ponajeeism.  Copyright 2011, Brandon."  Ponajee(sp?) is a word B came home with a few weeks ago.  He tells us it means to dominate in sports or video games.  Now I feel really uncool.  

1/20--We were watching a movie that had a lot of farm animals in it.  Caroline told me, "When I grow up, I want to be a horse."

Practicing her gallop?

1/26--When C woke up this morning, like most every morning, I asked her, "How did you sleep?"  I didn't expect her reply:  "Fancy."

1/27--Some of the thoughts going through Whitney's head today, "When I think of Santa, I think of Martin Luther King.  Is Santa an old man?  Is he in a nursing home?" 


Natalie said...

Brandon is too funny! And I love Caroline's fancy comment

Ang said...

Mmm. . . a fancy night's sleep. That's downright Ponajee!

Andrew said...

The picture of you in the glasses is H. O. T!

Grandma Sweat said...

My fave - "Is Santa in a nursing home?"
Grandma Sweat

Kiersten said...

Such a fun always. I love the fancy comment and that she is proud of you...too cute!

amy said...

"Good thing they have real people..."
cracked me up! That could be a Jay Leno joke.