Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Reality Hits

After having Caroline home for a week, I was thinking I had this third baby thing down. She was sleeping well. I was feeling great. This was going to be a piece of cake!

And then my parents left.

And Caroline stopped sleeping.

And Brandon finished school.

Agh! I'm sufficiently humbled. I swear! After a rough couple of days filled with sleep deprivation, I'm pulling through again.

Due in large part to Grandma Cuca coming to the rescue!
She'll be staying with us for the next couple of weeks.
Lucky me!

I haven't had much to blog about. I mean, how can I make diaper changes, mounds of spit-up soaked laundry, and round-the-clock nursings exciting? Here are a few random thoughts.

*My friend, Marlena, shared THIS BLOG
with me. It has all kinds of funky, cute hair styles for little girls.
It has been the inspiration for a couple of fun hair days for Whit.
Braid buns

Can she get any closer to Princess Leia hair?

*Now that school is over,
B and W have decided that they like to
"camp out" every night.
It is too cute.
I'm glad they have each other and
are getting along well.

*Poor Andrew.
I feel like he got juked on Father's Day.
He spoiled me on Mother's Day and I hardly did
anything for him on his special day. :(
I had planned on at least getting him a steak, which
is normally a twice-yearly happening around here.
But I was so tired by the time I could run to the
store that he told me not to worry about.
We made do with whatever canned goods
we could find in the cupboard.
(And Grandma saved the day again, with
her yummy homemade tortillas.)
Such a great dad...
so little recognition for it.
Maybe next year.


Megan said...

Oh. My. Gosh! Love that hair site! Forget Katie, I want it for me... LOL! :)

Ang said...

You're in the trenches right now, Andi. It's the grit-your-teeth-and-soldier-on time for sure. Does it help when people say it goes fast? Because I know you know it goes fast, but at 3:00 a.m. it seems like it's going about as fast a tortoise with a broken leg. I'm so glad Grandma Cuca is there, though! And I LOVE Whit's cute hair. I can never get those really sharp part lines down . . .

Natalie said...

Whit's hair is too cute! And if you ever need us to get Brandon and Whitney out of the house...just let us know!

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

I loved Whit's hair, too. Very creative. Don't sell yourself short on Father's Day, it was great (and I love the GPS device!).


Destinee said...

Can't wait to check out that hairdo blog! I think the first month (and a half!) with a newborn is a killer. Glad Grandma Cuca is there to help. That picture of her and Caroline is absolutely priceless! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Aren't parents and grandmothers wonderful??
Other than Father's Day, what's the other time for steak? November 11?
Thanks for the great pictures.
G&G Hiatt

the giles said...

ooohhhh mannnn I feel your pain. Hannah is 4 1/2 mos now. And I can say, I am finally feeling like I can handle this "having 3 kids" thing. For me, Hannah's the easiest part...it's the rest of life that gets me :) I would stare at her all day long if I could. The good news? This too shall pass. The bad news? This too shall pass. Enjoy the sleep deprevation, the diapers, the spit up, the nursing at all hours, the innocent eyes looking up at you, the peaceful way she sleeps, the little noises she makes, that first smile, the way B & W instantly love little Caroline and wonder... Isn't life amazing? (Even if it's 3am):)

Sandy said...

I totally jilted Jake on Father's Day this year...he even had to make his own dinner while I had a lousy bout of evening-sickness (sigh). Oh well, hopefully our boys know that we think they're great dads:)

My MIL (who has 8 kids) always told me that the third is the hardest - since the older two are still kind of little and you run out of arms. I figured that out about week 2 after Josh was born, too! Hang in there, you're a good mama and keep reminding yourself that "this too shall pass!". Also, I started using a baby sling and it made a big difference - still carrying baby and two free hands. Let me know if you want one - I made a bunch for craft fairs a few years back and have an extra I can send you if you want.

Kiersten said...

Looks like you have had some great help with the new baby. It'll get easier. They are worth it anyway, right!

Denny & Joe said...

Bravo for Grandma Cuca! I love that photo of her and little Caroline with her long arms and legs. Hope you all can get caught up on rest soon.

Amy said...

I looked at that website for little girl hairstyles and it's so cute! It will probably be awhile before this baby has enough hair to style, but I'm keeping that link for the future.

That picture with Grandma Cuca and Caroline is so precious. I'm glad she's there to help right now.