Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Creativity...stunted...by...sleep deprivation.
Here's what we've been up to:
Brandon played his last baseball game of the season with the Gators.
His team did well and ended up tied with two others for second place.
Brandon had the distinction of never striking out the whole season.
Way to go, buddy!

His team celebrated with a pool party after the game.
Woo hoo! Fun for all!

Grandma Cuca and I chose to forgo the swimsuits
and watch from the sidelines.
Caroline slept happily in the Baby Bjorn the WHOLE time.

We LOVE to play cards when Grandma Cuca visits...
and eat candy...
and ice cream.

My first Sunday at church with the three kids was a comedy of errors.
Caroline passed gas in the middle of the sacrament prayer.
That had both older kids laughing out loud.
Then when we were taking the water, Brandon spilled his
all over Caroline's face. That called for more laughter.
But Caroline was not amused.
I spent most of the meeting in the hall and mother's lounge.
Sunday School was no better. Caroline is SO loud.
You wouldn't think a body this small could make that much noise.
Thankfully, she cooperated for most of Young Women's and
let me teach my lesson.
It may have been the first rough Sunday of many to come,
but she sure looked adorable.

SO fun to dress little girls for church. :)

Even if they scream bloody murder through
most of the meeting. C's already gaining a
reputation for being the loud one at church.
Those who knew Whitney as a baby know that
it can actually get much louder.

Remember how I joked around about Caroline
learning Rex Kwan Do in utero? I think she
did have some sort of martial arts training.
Check out her moves!

Brandon got glasses today!
How do you think he looks?
He was all excited to get them and LOVES
the way they help him see better.
He likes comparing how well he can see with
them on and without them.

Let's see....Whit's had three eye surgeries,
Andrew wears glasses, I wear contacts, and now
B-train wears glasses???
Hate to tell Caroline, but I think it's in the genes.


Ang said...

Brandon looks so smart in his glasses! (And he is smart, so he won't be raising people's expectations and then dashing them.) And I'm always so happy to see more Caroline pictures. You need to check out some of the pics of Wyatt screaming when he was a newborn. You can tell yourself it comes from the Sweat side if it makes you feel better :-). And Brandon NEVER struck out? That's amazing. Truly.

carrie said...

i wondered how sunday was going for you...

and Brandon, the new glasses look great! it's awesome when we can suddenly see so much better, isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute pictures! Brandon looks so handsome in his glasses! Caroline looked like the princess that she is! Love, Gigi

Anonymous said...

All the pictures are great. Always good to get caught up with the eastern branch of the family. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
G&G Hiatt

Vlazny's said...

There is a joy in a newborn's cry! Caroline looks so cute in her dress and I cant wait to find out if we are having a girl or a boy. I do hope its a girl so that I can dress her up all the time.

Brandon looks great in his glasses. If Greg didnt have great eye sight I think we would all be in glasses too.

Natalie said...

You guys are so cute! And yes that was David laughing at both Caroline passing gas and Brandon spilling the water on Caroline's head. What can I say? Brandon and David must be on the same maturity level when it comes to that stuff.

grandma sweat said...

There were so many cute pictures that I can't remember what I wanted to comment on so I'll just say I love the pictures of Carolina, and Brandon's glasses and Whit and Drew in the bottom pictures, and especially love the picture of Brandon's big gorgeous brown eyes looking into the camera from the dugout in that first picture - oh, and you look ravishing in the picture with grandma Cuca (who also looks wonderful)!
Grandma Sweat

Natalie said...

Oh and David wanted me to tell Brandon, that in our church, we baptise by full immersion, not by sprinkling.

Megan said...

I want a Grandma Cuca to eat candy and ice cream with while playing cards! :)

Sandy said...

Yeah...three kids at church while your husband is on the stand is not so fun...I started that one when Josh had just turned 1 and there were many Sundays that I had to go "get some air" after Sacrament Meeting (read: cry in the Bishop's office or in the parking lot), as you know. Good news is: it gets better! And I know that you have people in your ward to help you (the ones in my ward just pat me on the back and say, "wow, Josh was loud today") -- you'll get through it! "This too shall pass...This too shall pass...This too shall pass...":)

Brandon sure looks cute in his glasses!

Laurie said...

Brandon does look cute in glasses. Your description of the first Sunday with three made me smile. So how I imagine it will be!