Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tagged and other fun pics

I feel like such a blog slacker lately. Other things have taken priority at the moment. You know, important things like watching American Idol and LOST. (Yea for TV!!!) And other tasks like working on my online English 312 class(finally!), and lots of playing and reading with the kids.

I was tagged by Megan, but the directions were vague. I'm pretty sure I am supposed to post the 6th photo from my 6th folder in My Pictures. So, here goes:

This is Brandon in 2006 using his bug collecting kit.
He looks so small!

In other randomness, me and the girls had a blast using my Mom's mac to take pictures while we were in Utah. I seriously was laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt. Here are a few of my favorites.

And the final random note: Caroline is growing out of her baby bathtub. I'm sad. I love bathing babies when they're at counter height and don't get me all wet. Once they graduate to the real tub, I pass that chore on to Andrew. I hate bending over the tub for so long and inevitably getting soaking wet in the process. Well, I'm out of luck right now because Andrew is SO not going to hunch over in the bathroom for extended periods of time with his back issues. I don't want her to start turning into a stinky baby, so I gave in and threw her in the big tub.

She LOVED it.
And since she looked so darn cute, it didn't
seem so bad for me. :)

When I saw her reflection in this chrome thingy,
it totally reminded me of the photo booth pics above.
I was cracking up all over again.


Anonymous said...

That chrome thingy is almost as good as the photo booth - who needs a mac when you have a tub! Have Caroline's other teeth come in yet? We'll be thinking of Andrew tomorrow. Love, Gigi

Angelica's Family Adventures said...

What fun picts! I bet the kids loved looking at them!

Kiersten said...

Those are some hilarious pictures!

carrie said...

ok, first, i totally forgot about the class! are you going to be in a bit of a time crunch now (a little like the last class) - however, that kind of deadline pressue sometimes generates the best work!

those mac pics are hilarious, and it looks like there was a lot of fun being had.

and lastly, i can't believe how big caroline looks sitting in the big people tub!

The Oregonians said...

The pic of Caroline in the tub (not the reflected one) is a keeper. Think we'll pass on the others, though it looks like it was fun.
What's the latest update on Andrew?

Laurie said...

We're graduatin to the big tub too. These babies are at a fun age. I wish they'd stay this age forever....well, at least stay this cuddly and smiley.

Natalie said...

That pic from the bathtub is so cute. I love the funny photos too. Alien babies!

Jayne said...

Wow, Brando does look tiny. You think that you are a blog slacker? Compared to me (lately) you are ultra-prolific!

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

Love the photos. I can still remember the first day Brandon got his bug collecting kit. Cute memory.

Destiny said...

Hmm I think we know where Andrew got his back problems in the first place now :D What cute kids you have. We miss you all already!

Destinee said...

So funny! I especially love the second one in the series and the last one of Whit. Those are crazy! Caroline is darling! What a happy smiley baby.