Saturday, August 01, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes--July

I forgot a couple from last month, so I'm throwing them in here, too. I thought spending all day with my car for most of July would yield lots of OOMB's, but I guess the videos, audiobooks, and CD's hindered their brains. Here's what I got:

6/24--When we left on the first day of the road trip, we had to visit three rest stops before dinner. At the third stop Whit said, "Haven't we been here twice?" Poor thing, she must've thought I was just driving them around in circles! (Rest stops on the east coast do look remarkably similar to one another.)

Hmmm..this place looks familiar...

6/25--When we crossed the border from Kentucky to Indiana, Whitney made the quick observation, "It's like Indiana Jones!"

7/8--While walking around the BYU campus, we had a great view of our shadows and were making animals and fun shapes. Whitney made a tower with her hand:

We were afraid we were going
to get kicked off campus.

7/9--I'm not the only one who is digging on the Ghostbusters theme song right now. The kids love it, too. Whit asked her Grandma today, "Do you know the number to Ghostbusters?" She really did want to call!

Who ya gonna call?

7/10--I told Brandon that they were going to make a movie of the book "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." He said, "I love that book. I love the way it smells. It's old. I love the way old stuff smells." Maybe he'll be an antiques dealer or museum curator when he grows up.

Or work in a nursing home?

7/11--We stopped in Heber at a little tacqueria for my Mom and Grandma. They wanted some really authentic Mexican food--cow tongue tacos. They told the kids to be patient while they ate and they'd stop at McDonalds for them afterward. The kids didn't know what the Grandmas were eating, but asked for a bite. They both liked it! Brandon actually ate a whole cow tongue taco! He has more exotic tastes than me. WAY more. Of course we didn't tell them what they were eating until later.

Yay for cow tongue tacos!

7/13--I took the kids swimming at the Roosevelt public pool today. Rather than try to entertain them myself, my mom called some kids their age and we took them with us. I LOVE how quickly kids can become instant friends. Whit was particularly fond of her match-made friend, Brynn. She came up to me while we were there and said, "Mom, can Brynn and I be adopted?"
Me: Well, you both already have families, so you can't be adopted.
W: But we want to be sisters!
Me: Find out if she has a brother a couple years older than her and you can marry him when you're older. That's the closest you're going to get to being sisters.

W and her wanna-be sis

7/24--W had her well child check-up today. She had to sit there in just her undies waiting for the doc to come into our exam room. She said, "Mom, be sure not to look at me."
Me: Why not?
W: Because you'll see me in my britches!

7/25--We listened to the audio book of the second Harry Potter while we were on the road. It was great. All of us enjoyed it. Some phrases in particular have stuck with the kids. Today Brandon called Whitney, "She who must not be named."

7/28--And tonight Whit informed me that her favorite part of Harry Potter was when Harry and Ron turned into Crabbe and Goyle. "Wasn't that funny, Mom? They're voices made me laugh."

7/30--Today we finally decided to break the news to the kids that they ate cow tongue tacos. Their initial reaction was shock, then it turned to screaming, but after they thought about it for a minute, they thought it was pretty funny. They remembered that they LIKED those tacos. Whit even said, "I wish I was made out of cow tongue."

A couple cute pics of Care Bear for good measure:

Is this the cutest dress ever??
Grandma Cuca found it at a yard sale
with the tags still on. Sweet!


Nature Girl LOVES being outside.


Kiersten said...

Love it! Kids are so fun :)
Oh, and I love that dress that Caroline is wearing...adorable with the matching hat!

Sandy said...

I was dying laughing at the shadow-at-BYU...until the "she who must not be named" - that's some good stuff, man:)

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

Flipping the bird + cow tongue + britches = funny. Love OOMB.

amy said...

Whit's a girl of the south. Britches!