Sunday, August 30, 2009

Obligatory back-to-school post

Like many other 5-18 yr old children, mine started setting alarms, packing lunches, and donning new clothes this week.

Back to school time!

B is an old pro at elementary school now.
Starting 3rd grade.
It's the first time he'll get A-B-C grades.
(Instead of Outstanding, Satisfactory, etc.)
He's the type who is highly motivated
by feedback, so he's excited about that.
Best part of the first day: Getting four "Behavior Bucks."
Worst part: "I didn't really have any bad parts."
(Is this MY son talking???)

Miss Whitney headed off to kindergarten!

She was SO ready to go and had no hesitations.
Best part: Making new friends, Julia and Ellie.
Also making a self-portrait and a
sculpture of a mammoth in art class.
Worst part: "My chest hurt at play time.
Maybe I've been taking too much footsteps."

It's weird to have her gone ALL DAY LONG, but
I'm loving the one-on-one time with Care Bear!
We play with toys, dance, eat, go up and down stairs.

We even went to her first story time especially for her.

(She obviously needs some help
figuring out how to use books.)

She doesn't seem to miss B & W
much throughout the day.
But she sure gets excited when they come
running home from the bus!


Kiersten said...

What cute kids!

Grandma Sweat said...

I just love that last picture of them bursting out of the school bus - Whitney looks so pretty and happy and Brandon looks so studly. I bet it's quite a change to have Whit gone all day without the 1/2-day kindergarten that we have out here in Utah and the way God intended it!
Lucky Care bear though to be an only child for a chunk of each day!
Love you!
Grandma Sweat

Natalie said...

So fun having Caroline all to yourself. And Whit is such a big girl now! Hey did you get any pictures of Finley at the Library? If so, can you email them to me? thanks.