Monday, August 31, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes--August

8/1--While Whit and Andrew were cleaning the bathroom this morning she said, "Dad, I know why you give us chores."
Drew: Why?
Whit: "To teach us responsibility!"
And I thought it was just because I was lazy and wanted help cleaning the house.

Can you tell the responsible kids from the mannequins?

8/5--We were swimming with our friends at their pool today. Brandon was carrying Whit around. He said, "Whit, you feel so light in the water because of the buoyancy. Buoyancy rocks!"

We heart buoyancy!

8/7--Whit named her toes today.

Their names are:
Baby, Toddler, Kid, Teenager, Adult

8/9--We have some generic disinfecting wipes in my bathroom called "Sani-cloths". Brandon came walking out this morning holding the can and singing in a Christmasy tune, "Sani-cloth is coming to town." It cracked me up.

You better not pout.
I'm telling you why.

8/10--Whitney had her kindergarten screening at school this afternoon. In the middle of the reading-based questions, Whit randomly told the teacher, "I saw a baby ape."
Teacher: Was it cute?
W: Yea. I wish you could come to my house.
T: Do you have a pet ape at your house?
W: No! I have a picture. It was in the zoo.

8/14--This was the face Whit was making at B in the middle of Safety Town graduation in front of hundreds of parents:

8/14--When I came down the stairs today in this outfit
Brandon told me I looked like a DJ.
I think that's a huge compliment, right?

8/20--Just finished watching "The Neverending Story" with B and W. At the end, the main character gets wishes, so we started talking about what we'd do if we were in his spot.
Brandon would wish for
1. A "give and taker". It's a machine that has been appearing in his dreams lately. You put in $10 and get whatever you want.
2. A billion water parks put together to make a super long ride.

3. All the money in the world.

Whitney would wish for
1. A "spender." It's a machine that you can point at any toy you want in the store. It will go pick up the toy and pay for it and you get to keep it. (You think she's easily influenced by big bro?)
2. A really really really really fast horse. (She might've thrown a couple more "really"s in there.)
3. To meet the empress. (The heroine at the end of Neverending Story.)

8/24--While waiting for a Dr's appt, Whit told me, "I know why it's called a gumball. Because there's gum inside that colored ball. There are gumballs in Africa, too. It's a pea inside wheat and they chew it." Hmm...really?

African gumball, anyone?

8/24--After Family Home Evening tonight, we were sitting around the table eating our treats. We decided to tell a story around the table, each person adding a sentence as we went along. The kids were really good at it! It was about a fish and B added some moray eels. When it was Whit's turn she said, "And then the gourmet eels went away." In some places, they probably are gourmet.

Bonus Caroline pics:

The wind blowing through her blond hair.


She's cute even when she's sad.

We love to hear her play the piano.

And especially love her hugs.
(They are not given out freely!)

She loves to drink cold water and chew ice.

On a walk with her daddio.


carmar76 said...

Those are some really great quotes this month!

And my nephew (who's 2) loves to crunch ice, too, so I'm glad he's not alone! He was sick last weekend so we got him some Sonic ice - cuz it's toddler sized! : )


Sawyers Family said...

it's a good thing your kids are tall because I don't think Caroline can stretch any more to hold her dad's hand! Such a sweet picture!
I love these posts. They crack me up!

Amber said...

Wow your kids are imaginative.

Grandma Sweat said...

Andrea - I was waiting for OOTMOB's this time - usually it catches me by surprise but about August 30th I started thinking goodie, almost time for another installment! Caroline's 2nd and 3rd toes are exactly like Amy's!! I once had a the pediatrician look at Amy's because they were like one big toe split halfway down and he said they were just fine - then Grandma Ranquist told me they were like HER toes. So there ya go - Caroline Rose has great-grandma Rose's TOES.
Grandm aSweat

andrea said...

Grandma--Those are actually Whit's toes, not Caroline's. I'll have to check hers, though, now that you mention it.

Kiersten said...

Another great post. Love the sani-claus one!

Natalie said...

I love the picture of the kids and manicans. Hilarious. I think I like the gourmet eels comment the best.

The Oregonians said...

That picture of Andrew and Caroline is absolutely charming.

Note to Barb:(aka Grandma Sweat)
"Moses supposes his toeses are Rose's.."

Julia said...

Seriously, your kids are so clever and imaginative. I want a give and taker machine too!