Monday, August 03, 2009

Road trip: By the numbers

29 days
Pic taken after one day of driving

Halfway there

Almost done
(And we all still like each other!)

6320 miles
I LOVE watching the landscape change.
Above is New Mexico.


We live in a BEAUTIFUL country.

18 states

(19 for B-train)

91.5 hours in the van
(not including the little side trips
while we were in UT)

We were thankful for dvd players,

Andrew's ipod,

and naps in the car seat.

1 flat tire

2 jump starts for my dead battery

1 new battery purchased
Thank you, AutoZone.

5 museums, 1 aquarium, 1 zoo

Shreveport, LA

McWane Center
Birmingham, AL

Steelworks Museum
Pueblo, CO

4 temples
Salt Lake

Jordan River


Oquirrh Mountain

9 different beds
We can sleep just about anywhere.

Only 1 night in a hotel.
It happened to be in BRANDON, MS.

1030 Pictures taken
including some great silly faces

$2.99: The most we paid for gas
at Daniel's Summit, Utah
(in the middle of nowhere)
All my fault--forgot to fill up in Heber.

62 (or so) loved ones we were able to see
I didn't get pictures of EVERYONE,
but here's a sampling:

Josh, Aunt Susana, Uncle Rick, Jada

Uncle Chuy, Tia Juana, Tia Lothia

Aunt Dora, Aunt Janie, Aunt Susanna, Grandma Cuca

Aunt Mary, Grandma Cuca, Gigi

Me, Care Bear, B-train, Gigi, Whit, Gma Cuca, Grandpa

Grandma Rose

Grandma and Grandpa Sweat

Three of the Sweat siblings with their families,
Grandma and Grandpa Hiatt,
Aunt Denny, Uncle Joe, and Emma
Destiny and Robby
(Loved this photo--serious faces at Tony's request.
Do we look like an old-fashioned family?)

Amy, Dave, Jack

Care Bear and Macy

Grandma, Aunt Irene, Uncle Bill, Sailor, and Roxy

Patrick and Marianne

Aunt Stephanie, Jessica, Uncle Alex

Countless memories made

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make our trip possible. We couldn't have done this without LOTS of help! Special thanks to:

Andrew, for working so hard to support my traveling habit.

Marianne, Grandma Cuca, and Gigi for joining me on the trip. I know you may have lost some hearing from Caroline's screeching along the way, but we sure had fun with you!

All of our friends and relatives who let us stay with you along the way. You were such great hosts. We love you!


{kim} said...

Sounds fun but I bet you are so glad to be home! Did Arizona happen to be one of the 18 states you visited??

Ang said...

Wow! What a travelogue! So glad you guys made the trek. It was great to see you--and Andi, you're my road-trippin inspiration!

Megan said...

Good gravy that's a trip! And all that driving...

Well, I just had to say that I told you I live in the middle of nowhere. Now I know I'm right. Our gas has been $2.95-$2.99 for months! LOL!

Kiersten said...

That was a big trip! Looks like a lot of wonderful memories were made. I love traveling too :)

Sawyers Family said...

How fun! I love this post. What a creative way to document your vacation!

Grandma Sweat said...

epic! So fun to look at all of the pictures and re-live the parts we shared and also to put names with faces of some of the people we heard all about!
Love you,
Grandma Sweat

andrea said...

Kim, AZ wasn't on the list this time. I'm sad about that. But I AM coming out to Winslow for my brother's wedding next month. Yay! It's been years since I've been home.

The Oregonians said...

I just may use one of the big group pictures as my computer wallpaper.