Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chasing Waterfalls

With Andrew's new job, he's in a different division of Avery.  Which has a slightly different holiday schedule.  And on the Friday before Columbus Day, he realized that he had a three-day weekend.  Woo hoo!  Unexpected vacation day!

Unfortunately, I was scheduled to get my teeth cleaned.  (One of my favorite days of the year!)  And the big kids didn't have the day off from school.  So Andrew watched Care Bear while my hygienist worked on my lovely smile and then we drove up to Hanging Rock State Park.  We didn't have a whole lot of time since we had to beat the bus home.  But lucky for us, they have some short little hiking trails there.

Care Bear posing at the Rock Garden

We set the timer to get some pics of the three of us.
Oops.  Guess I need to set it for a few seconds longer.
But Caroline's smile is so cute!

And by the time I get in the shot, she's no longer looking.
Oh, well.  At least we have proof that all three of us were there.

After an easy two-tenths-of-a-mile hike,
we made it to the waterfalls!

I love waterfalls.
Even measly little ones like this.
So relaxing.

Caroline danced for us before we headed back to the van.

We caught a glimpse of fall on our way home.
Great little daycation.


carmar76 said...

LOVE! Waterfalls are awesome, as are daycations! : )

Mom Sweat said...

What a fun way to spend a day. I love the picture of Caroline dancing - her hair looks blonder than ever! I love waterfalls too - it's so fun to go on a hike that has a reward of something beautiful at the end!
Mom Sweat

lynnissa said...

Any waterfall, no matter the size, is beautiful to us too! Love the picture taking photos! :)

Sandy said...

How fun for Caroline to have you guys both to herself! Great pics!

The Oregonians said...

Sometimes accidental photos can be really good ---Andrew, holding out his arm to help you up. Can't beat that.
Someday you need to take the kids to Oregon and drive the Columbia River Gorge. Especially during the spring run off. Waterfalls galore!
Carolyn is a doll, you guys are professionall models and the scenery is fantastic.
Thanks for sharing.

Natalie said...

How fun! And what beautiful waterfalls!

dave said...

Having teeth cleaned is one of the most unpleasant activities I can think of. A complete stranger putting their hands and tools in your mouth, both of which have no pedigree of cleanliness. They put their heads directly over your wide open mouth. You have to sit in a chair that countless other people have sat in. They hardly clean the little vacuum which itself leads to a tube which has seen the inside of every mouth that enters the office. The whole thing is just disgusting!

Kiersten said...

what a nice little place

andrea said...


Get to know your hygienist. Then she's not a complete stranger. I've been with mine for about five years. We talk like we're old friends.

She has sanitary gloves on when she holds her instruments which have been autoclaved to eliminate even the slightest possibility of a heat-resistant spore surviving, let alone any bacteria/viruses/fungi.

The chair has been wiped down with disinfecting solution between patients and everything the hygienist touches is covered with a disposable barrier.

And I have a little white suction hose that has never been used on anyone but me.

Make you feel any better?

PS I realize I am in the huge minority that enjoys visits to the dental office. Truly, it's like getting an hour-long gum massage for me. And I walk out feeling like my teeth are sparkling. Love it.

dave said...

No, that does not make me feel any better. But I now think you are crazy.

andrea said...

Dave, You didn't think that before? :)