Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reluctant Soccer Mom

Andrew and I were vocal about our disappointment that Brandon chose to play soccer over baseball this year.  Not that we have anything against soccer, we just both LOVED playing little league every summer growing up.  And we felt like a little piece of our lives was missing this year.  (Although B. did get to play ONE game as a sub for our friend who had several players gone.  Yippee!)

Anyway, we were pleasantly surprised at how fun it was to watch him play soccer this year.  I fully embraced my soccer mom title.

He was on the Ninjas.  They struggled.  Their record was 0-6-2.  Ouch.  Brandon hung in there, though.  I was afraid he would get frustrated and want to quit when they kept losing.  But after his final game this week, he said, "I am SO playing baseball next year.  Or maybe football."  If we're in Texas, he HAS to play football, right?

Some pics from the season:

Warming up.

That's a look of determination.

Cool action shot at practice.

He's #5.  He was always willing to sacrifice his body.

And here a couple of video clip highlights.
This first one is just about two minutes.
It has special effects and music.
And snowboarding graphics.
(My video editing software took over!)

This next one is about four minutes.
Whitney's singing is the only background music.
I apologize for the number of times that I shout,
"Good job, B!"
Apparently I need to come up with a new cheer.

We're proud of you, B-train and will support you in whatever sport you choose to play next year.  Really.


Natalie said...

I can't believe you want him to play baseball over soccer. Yuck. Hopefully Brandon won't be completely tired of soccer after such a rough season.

amy said...

Good job, B!

Good job, B!

Good job, Ninjas!

Good job, B!

Grandma Sweat said...

Loved looking at these photos and watching your video shoot - and you love technology with those fun music and graphics. Brandon looks too cool in his soccer uniform and shades!
Grandmama Sweat

The Oregonians said...

B looks like he's ready to play with Pele.
Isn't the major sport of Texas
bull riding?
Did Goerge Lucas edit your videos?
(Im envious)