Sunday, October 31, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes--October

10/2--Caroline was just being her cute little silly self and I was giggling.  She said, "I funny to you, Mom."

Yes, you are.

10/2--I was blowing my hair dry, which is a rare occurrence.  Caroline came walking into the bathroom and said, "You look amazing."

 Thanks, sweetheart.
So do you.

10/5--Brandon's deep thought for the day:  When we say "they", who are we talking about?  Like "they" added preservatives to my food?  Who are "they"?

They say that building Bionicles leads to increased dexterity.

10/6--While eating tortilla chips with her lunch, Care Bear got one that was curled up on the edges.  She said, "It's like a potato chip dancing."

 Dancing hair

10/11--I smelled a smell coming from Caroline's way.  A dirty-diaperish smell.  I asked her, "Are you stinky?"  She said, "No.  It's an alien."

 Already testing conspiracy theories.

10/19--Whit was in bed tonight and I slipped into her room to put some laundry away.  She was staring at her lamp and asked, "Mom, how does electricity work?"  Whoa--how much time do you have, sweetheart?

"How does corn grow?
How did I get this cute?"

10/21--We had ice cream cones for dessert after dinner tonight.  Brandon did this with his:
and said, "Look!  I'm a narwhal!"

10/23--I came downstairs in my fancy dress and high heels for a special date night tonight (more to come on that in a post later) and Brandon told me, "You look like a princess.  And you look really tall."  How super sweet is that? 


10/24--Whit was wearing a dress that tied in the back, but by the end of church, her ties had come undone and were just hanging at her side.  She told Drew, "I wish I could duct tape this tie to my bum so I could chase my own tail."

10/24--We sat down for a chili dinner tonight.  Caroline called it her, "spicy cereal."

10/28--At the science center, Whitney was putting on a puppet show for us with a pterodactyl and a triceratops.  The dialogue was about how one was a walking dinosaur and one could fly.  The triceratops said, "We have diversity!  That means we are different."  

 Welcome to Diversity Theater where we value our differences.


Natalie said...

Your kids are so funny. Love the spicy cereal and chasing your own tail comments.

amy said...

I'm picture Whit right now with her dress ties duct taped to her bum. Hilarious.

Also, there must be a lot of aliens in our house.

carmar76 said...

diversity theatre! that is precious! and extra cute pictures. : )

Sandy said...

All of a sudden (you know, since I see her all the time in person and everything), Caroline looks OLD! She looks (and sounds) like a big kid! What happened?!

As usual - super cute! My fave is the dress duct taped to Whitney's behind. Classic.

The Oregonians said...

You have to stand in awe of any blogger who can spell
"peterodactyl" and "triceratops".

Some great OFTMOB

Lora Jewett said...

You are such a good mom! I love how you dialogged your pictures. The children are growing up so quickly, Caroline was just a baby not to long ago.

Grandma Sweat said...

Loved this as always and once again totally caught off guard with the fact that the first of the month is a treat for all of your readers! I am thinking we could add to the Man's Search for Happiness Questions:

Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?
Who are "they?"

Love to you and all of your munchnicks
Grandma Sweat

Kiersten said...

Always great posts! I love the dancing potato chip :)