Monday, September 17, 2007

The big game

Whit's first soccer game was on Saturday.

She could be the poster child for
girl's soccer, huh?

But she also has a game face.
Watch out!

The game started out really well.
She was kicking the ball and somewhat following
the action. Ok, she did spend a lot of time biting
her fingernails, too.

Then we saw a lot of skipping and twirling
on the field.

Then by the end of the first quarter, she was done. She wouldn't go back out and play. It was frustrating. We've never had to deal with that situation before. Brandon is the one who tries to convince his coaches that he can play the WHOLE game even if there are other players sitting on the bench. Whit enjoys her practices and doesn't get frustrated or quit. Maybe it was stage fright. Hopefully she'll get more excited about games as the season goes on. If not, at least she looks good!


Natalie said...

Whitt is so the next face of girl's soccer. How cute is her hair too? Love it! I am so at her next game too! Go Whitt!

Gigi said...

I loved the clips! I felt like I was almost there! Thanks! Whit, you look like a pro. :) Love ya!Way to cheer B-train!

Laurie said...

She looks so cute. I love kids in soccer gear. We've just started soccer with Clayton too and he's been in tears both games because he doesn't want the other team to take the ball. He doesn't quite get it. I'm gonna try to take him to a "big kids'" game to show him how they play. I don't care if he kicks the ball. I just want him to be out there and not running off the field ballistic. But then again, he is only 4.

Ang said...

Not one of my three children has EVER wanted to play the whole entire game . . . so Whit may be the rule and B may be the exception :-). But she is only three, of course. She looks darling out there.

Grandma Sweat said...

Whitney Amelia Sweat, you look too adorable - I just want to reach through the computer and squeeze your little cheekcs - and you're stylin' in your soccer gear - and that hair - I mean, should 3-year-olds have such luscious tresses? I love listening to Brandon's voice in the background on that second film clip - he's into it. And Whitney's just pacing herself for future sports endeavors - and it's soccer, and soccer is soccer which is lots and lots and lots of running around and I must just be an ugly American but I've never been able to grasp the joy of it - football, baseball, basketball, it all thrills me to death - soccer is like "is it halftime yet?

Love you all!
Mom Sweat

Sandy said...

What a cute little soccer player!! Kimball wasn't into the games at all last year (at 4). She plays now and likes practice, but isn't real into the games. I think she's just not competitive (yet) and doesn't like jumping in there and stealing the ball or something aggressive like that. But Whitney is a cute little skipper and twirler, so maybe there's hope for you yet:)