Thursday, September 06, 2007

Whit's BIG Day

Whitney hit not one, but TWO big milestones today. Exciting stuff.
First off, today was her first day of preschool.
What a big girl!
*sidenote: She doesn't have her ears pierced yet.
She got some clip-ons when we went to the Fun
Depot. I think they only lasted for 47 seconds
and they happened to be on during that patch pic.

I've enrolled her in a program that is two mornings a week and I think it will be perfect for her. She has been excited about it all summer and has been telling everyone that will listen, "I'm starting preschool in the fall."

She was so anxious to go this morning.
She strapped on her Tinkerbell backpack
(that is almost as big as her!) and walked right in.

She found her little cubby...

and was ready to go to work.
Here she is with her teacher.

Whit was pleasantly surprised to find out that
"schoolwork" for her is coloring, looking at books,
eating snacks, and playing outside. Sweet!

And the other monumental event--
her first soccer practice.
Phew--busy day for this girl.

Brandon decided to redshirt this year,
(Actually, we benched him. I wasn't ready
to deal with two practices and games every week.)
so he sat on the sidelines with his friends,
cheering for the purple team.
(They didn't have a team name picked yet.)

Whit did really well.
It was SOOOO cute to watch her and all
the other three-year-olds listening intently
to their coaches. Why doesn't that ever happen at home?
She is going to be a cute little soccer girl.
Her games will be on Saturday mornings, so if any of
our local friends(or long-distance, for that matter)
want to come watch, just let us know and
I'll email you a copy of her schedule. Should be a riot.


GiGi said...

Whitney looks like such a big girl! Are you sure you are only 3 Whitney? :) I hope you always love school! Brandon do some extra loud cheering for me and grandpa at Whit's soccer games!

g & g hiatt said...

How about naming Whitney's team
"The Purple People Eaters"?
(You have to be really OLD to remember that song.)
Thanks for the great pictures.

Natalie said...

You know I am there! This so makes me miss coaching soccer. And whit looks absolutly adorable! I can't wait to see her play.

Grandma Sweat said...

What adorable pictures of our beautiful Whit - each one of them tells such a story - she looks so cute in those little soccer shin guards I could just gobble her up! and Brandon got benched from soccer for a year by his parents - that's hysterical - way to take one for the team, "B"!
Grandma Sweat

Amy said...

What a big girl! I can't wait until Jack's that age. I think being 3 is just adorable. You're old enough to do all the big kid things (like soccer and school), but still so small and cute. I wish we could come watch her play. And I love the picture of her walking towards the big school doors.

sandy said...

(Playing Twilight Zone music now) - Heather has the SAME backpack...and we just got back from Kimball's first soccer games today. It was HILARIOUS. You have a couple super-competitive kids who steal the ball from their own teammates, others who sit down on the field all the time and look at grass, and kids like Kimball who hold hands with their friends and run up and down the field. Good times!

Ang said...

There's nothing like the preschool-backpack picture. I LOVE that pic of all my kids. They look so excited and proud and dwarfed by that backpack. Whit seems sooo ready for school. I'm sure she'll love it. I also managed to only have one kid in soccer this season. In the spring, all three kids were in at the same time (with newborn Wyatt--what was I thinking?? :-). But for Fall, only Jonas is playing. But Elise is doing a Children's Theater group, and Ethan and Jonas are both doing Karate, and Ethan and Elise are doing piano, then there's Scouts and Activity Days . . . so our schedule is full enough. The funny thing is I feel like a slacker sometimes. The kids who do are doing football right now have practice every single night and loooong games on Sat. I'm kinda glad Ethan's not at all interested. We'll see when Jonas and Wyatt get to football age . . .

Denny & Joe said...

Whitney looks darling -- and I was so glad to hear that her eyes are doing great. That's wonderful.

Carrie said...

What an exciting week for Whitney! Glad to hear that she loved preschool. I still remember and love my preschool teacher. : )