Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Lazy Labor Day

My dream vacations consist of lots of travel and exploring. I pack as much as I can into our time and we're always exhausted by the end.

Andrew's dream vacation includes LOTS of time for rest and relaxation.

He got his wish this holiday weekend. Since we were just out of town last weekend, we hung out here at home. I'll admit I enjoyed it, too.

We had our weekly date on Friday night. We FINALLY got to play tennis together. We've tried a couple of times this summer and got rained out. (I think those were the only two days it has rained here all summer long. Maybe it wasn't meant to be.) I LOVE tennis. It felt so good to play again, even though Andrew kicked my butt. Then we went out to dinner at Sonic and consumed MANY more calories than we had just burned.

Andrew went golfing on Sat morning. That was his first time all year--inspired by the Wyndham

Then we went to the water park. It was COLD. Not the best water park day, but I won't complain.

Monday turned out to be a perfect water park day. It was 90 degrees and sunny. Beautiful. Apparently every other person in the Carolinas (and Virginia?) thought so, too, because that place was PACKED. I was glad we got there first thing in the morning because I got to ride a couple of the fun, scary rides before the lines got out of control. Brandon was talking brave before we got there and I thought he was going to join me, but when it came time to actually get in line, he backed out. Darn.

Here are a few pics. Yes, I got brave and took my camera. It didn't even get stolen. Yippee.

We love the water park!

Cute brother and sister

Nice shades, B

Happy to have Daddy home ALL DAY


Here's my "Where's Waldo" pic to show how crowded the park was.
Can you find Andrew and Brandon?
(Hint: Andrew is crouched over because his back has
been killing him lately. He's living up to the nickname,
"Old Man Sweat.")

We're heading up to Duke this afternoon to see Whit's boyfriend, Dr. Buckley. Wish us luck!


Patrick said...

Good luck at the doctor's, and I just wanted clarification, you went to the water park on Saturday and Monday? Sounds fun, we just did homework all day!

Natalie said...

Glad you guys had such a nice relaxing weekend. I have been missing Bradon! And I will be gone again this sunday too! Bummer. I hope he is enjoying school.

andrea said...

Patrick--You read right--Saturday AND Monday. We tried to squeeze every minute out of our season passes!

Natalie--We missed you, too. It was a much quieter ride to church this week and Jackie and Rob had to watch the munchkins during choir practice.

Amy said...

Now I want to go play tennis! What a fun weekend.

Ang said...

How can people even swim in that pool? It looks like everyone is just standing! Labor Day is crazy for all kinds of end-of-summer activities, though. And if going to the water park twice and going out on a date is your idea of a lazy weekend--you're my hero! Hope all goes well w/ Dr. Buckley.

sandy said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! Good luck on Whitney's date...I mean Dr. appointment!!

Carrie said...

Sounds like you had a nice and relaxing weekend. I hope things go well at the doc today!