Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fun in the sun

Andrew's parents are in town visiting and we are having a blast. (Too much fun to even take a blogging break!) We picked them up at the airport and headed straight out to the beach and spent three nights there. LOVED it. Here are some pics.

The first day there was very overcast,
but thankfully the water is warm enough that
we could still enjoy the beach.
Drew and the kids

Brandon has no body fat left on his body after his stomach
virus last week, so he was too cold to get in the water.
Finally at the end of the afternoon, the sun came out and
he took a few rides on the boogie board.

There were LOTS of cute father-son bonding moments.

Grandma brought a rocket that the boys built and we
got to launch. It was awesome, but my photography skills
didn't capture the launch very well.

Here are the boys...

and the girls.
(Yes, I still refuse to call myself a woman.)

We took a trip to the NC Aquarium which I just LOVE.
I think I'm as thrilled by it as the kids are. Or maybe even more.
Taking photos of marine life behind glass is usually a disaster,
but there was THIS one tank that works.

Agh--Brandon was eaten by a giant crab!

Whitney got to pet a starfish.
They're rougher than I imagined.

Our little fam
Any guesses about what Andrew's hiding behind his back?

Whit LOVED playing in the sand and
REFUSED to get in the water. She would
do everything possible to avoid it.
But it almost snuck up on her and nipped her heels.

There were also several daddy-daughter bonding moments.
(All I did was sit in the sand and read, take pictures, and watch
Andrew being a cute Dad.)

On Sunday after church, we took one last stop
for some pics.
Brandon in a cool tree.

Whitney the angel

I tried to reenact my all-time favorite picture of W from
last year's beach trip. It's cute, but not quite a masterpiece.

And for everyone who thought I was exaggerating
about already starting to show, here's the proof.
Not quite huge, but definitely something.

Another cute shot of B-train

The kids with their Grandma and Grandpa

On the way home we stopped at a rest area to
let the kids burn off some energy.
At least that's the excuse we used.
In reality, Andrew wanted to practice his sweet Frisbee moves.

So fun to take a little break like this in the middle of the school year.


g & g hiatt said...

Great pictures and captions.
Don't worry, Andrea, Andrew's mom
is still a girl, too.
(There are even those who still call her "Barbie".)

Ang said...

Hooray! The blog is back. I've been thinking about you guys and how much fun you're having all week. And yes, Andi, I am amazed that you look like you're showing already!! Are you sure you're not just pushing your tummy out on purpose like we did when we were kids staring at our tummies in the mirror and pretending to be pregnant? (At least I did that!! Actually, don't have to do that anymore, as it pokes out all on its own even when I'm not expecting :-). It's fun to see, though. And, by the way, what IS Drew holding behind his back? Or am I just slow on the uptake??

Kel said...

Sweet frisbee moves Andrew! I too have been anxiously awaiting pictures from your trip! I am so glad you had a fun time, and SO glad that you are back!

Natalie said...

I am glad you guys had so much fun. I am jealous. And I love the aquarium too! So much fun, but pictures of it are hard to capture.

Amy said...

I'm curious too about what Drew is holding behind his back. Is it some sort of creature or is he holding up his index finger to be a plus one for the baby? Hmmm...
Cute pictures! Whitney does look like an angel in that dress.

Sandy said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a great time! I miss the beach - but I've only lived on the west coast - the east coast looks fun, too:)

So, what IS Andrew holding behind his back? My first reaction was that he had some sort of caffeinated beverage that any good bishop shouldn't have photographic proof of...but I'm sure its something far less wicked:)

Glad to see the blog back! And your cute little "I'm pregnant" belly is still smaller than my not-so-cute "I had a baby 2 years ago" belly - so enjoy it!!

Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

I think Andrew is hiding his $1.00 sunglasses behind his back... he only alows his photograph to be taken while wearing his designer shades.

Denny & Joe said...

Loved the vacation report. Makes me want to visit North Carolina; it looks beautiful. And please do tell us..what is Andrew hiding?

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

Okay, here's the answer since you are all so anxious to know. I was hiding my dignity. It didn't take up much room in my hand.