Sunday, September 30, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes--September

9/5--Deep thoughts by Whitney: "Why doesn't Winnie the Pooh ever wear pants?"

Where's the modesty, Pooh?

9/5--We went to Whit's school today to meet her teachers and classmates. Andrew called when we were home to see how it had gone. She was SO excited to talk about it on the phone and told him, "There are trains and blocks and a kitchen AND a little....tiny...potty...that is SOOO cute!" Way to get to the important stuff, Whit.

9/5--B's money hungry side unveils itself again: "Wouldn't it be cool if we lived in Money Town? Then in winter when it rained, it would be quarters and when it thundered, there would be dollars." Watch out below!

9/7--I started teaching Whit about opposites yesterday. She caught on really quickly and enjoys being "quizzed" on them. So, today at the lunch table, I started off by asking her some opposites: hot and cold, open and closed, fast and slow, etc. Then it was her turn to put me in the hot seat.

W: What's the opposite of picnic?
Me: Having dinner at the table?
W: No. It's something slippery and slidey.
Me: A water slide?
W: Yes. What's the opposite of mad?
Me: Happy.
W: No. Surprised.

9/8--W played with imaginary friends for the first time today. Their names were Lulu and Whitney. She even walked down the stairs "holding" Lulu's hand.

9/9--Whit is done buttering up her daddy in her prayers. Now she's moved on to me. Tonight at dinner she said, "Thank you that mom was so excellent in church today."

Thank you for noticing, honey.

9/12--I was so confused when W asked me, "Is today my hotel?"
Me: What hotel?
W: At my school. When I do my voluntation.
Me: What's a voluntation?
W: When I tell my friends about something.
OOOH...Show and Tell, not hotel.

9/13--When I picked up Whit from school today, one of the first things she said(with much enthusiasm) was, "Mom, we learned that it's Sick-tember!" So close, sweetheart.

9/16--This afternoon I was working on a little painting project with the kids. Whitney said, "When Daddy comes home I'm going to show him my treasure box and he'll think I'm an artist." Brandon said, "Yea. We ARE artists, like Tony. [Andrew's brother who is AMAZING.] I'm pretty much just like Tony because I'm staying in the lines. And Whitney's looks good, too... [then whispered to me] for a three-year-old."

One of my ar-teests

And the other--with an attitude.
Smack talking on his Uncle Tone
(sidenote: he tells us that those scratches on his
cheek were the result of a lightsaber fight. hmmmm)

9/22--While filling out a Mad Lib with Andrew, Brandon used the words defensive, fearsome, and villain. Where does he come up with these things? Not only can he do math in his head faster than me, but he's going to have a larger vocabulary than me pretty soon, too!

You want a noun? Mitochondrion
verb? Patronize
Memory card still not full

9/25--More creative money-making schemes from B. When he found out his Grandma and Grandpa were going to be at the airport tomorrow, he said, "Grandma, when you see one of those empty carts, turn it in and collect all the quarters and bring them back and we'll split them." Hmmmm....sounds like he wants someone else to do all the dirty work, but he still wants to get paid.

What should he be when he grows up?

9/26--This morning Andrew and Whit were having a debate about the title of the movie she wanted to watch. She INSISTED it was called "Alison and Wonderland." He tried to correct her and tell her is was "Alice in Wonderland." He tried to end the debate by saying, "It's Alice in Wonderland, Whit. I'm positive." She responded, "No you're not. You're handsome." One point for Whit.

Need some pointers on interpersonal communication?
Just ask Whit.

9/26--I don't know where this came from, but B-train just came around the corner and said, "Yo, Andi. You wanna get in on this game?"


The Normal Mormon Husband said...


From the mouths of babes are the best! I miss so much of what happens at home and I enjoy laughing as I read these. I'll keep my eye on you in church on Sunday to make sure you are still excellent.



Gigi said...

I love out of the mouths of babes as well. I think we are missing out on some pretty cool things for all our grandkids. Hint, hint. :)
Love you, Mom

Amy said...

HIlarious as always! Brandon's money making strategies are great and I love Whitney's interpretation of new words. I also think she looks really cute with the headband.

ggm & ggp hiatt said...

Your best issue yet of "Out of the Mouths.." We got a chuchkle out of all of them.
Fantastic pictures, too. Just what I need for my 2008 edition of the Hiatt family calendar.
Re Brandon's last comment: Could he be watching re-runs of "Rocky"?
("Yo --Adrian....")

Sandy said...

Great post!! I love Out of the Mouths of Babes! Although it always makes me feel guilty for once again not keeping track of my own kids goofy things...

I SO want to live in Brandon's Money Town! We could buy Pooh some pants:)

Thanks for the giggles!!

Ang said...

Pantless cartoon characters concerned my kids as well, I remember. It is a little, well, inappropriate. I LOVED the "you're handsome" retort. Perfect. And I am duly impressed by Brandon's vocabulary.

Mom Sweat said...

It is so weird to be reading "Out of the Mouths of Babes" knowing that just last night, yea, verily, I was touching the actual keyboard at the very site where this blog is created!

We miss you kids already - we had so much fun! I have to add one more comment to "out of the Mouth of Babes." Before we left this morning (it was 6:45 a.m. and Brandon was just as jovial as could be. If I could have one wish it would be to be jovial in the morning). Anyway, I was packing my handbag and as I put in my cell phone Brandon said, in his 25-year-old way, "Hey Grandma, give me a call while you're on the airplane before they tell you to turn off all electronic devices..." Where does he figure these things out?

Love you all - thanks for the memories,
Grandma Sweat

Denny & Joe said...

Oh my, Brandon and Whitney are so gorgeous and witty (what a combination!) I love the monthly "Babes" feature. You are wonderful to document all of their cute comments.

Natalie said...

These were great! I love the You Andi comment. That one picture of brandon in the sand is so funny too. Thanks for sharing!

Marianne said...

Cute posting!!