Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Don't tell me THAT!

So, we've all had those moments where we received news we didn't want to hear, right? We hope we misunderstood or that the bearer of bad news was mistaken, but darn it, they weren't. Here are a few of mine:

Fall 1998--We regret to inform you that you have not been accepted into UVSC's dental hygiene program.

1999--Yes, ma'am, it looks like your transmission is shot.

June 2003--You didn't know there were train tracks right across the street from the house you just bought?

Sept 2004--Whitney has a congenital eye disorder called Duane's Syndrome and there is no cure for it.

Oct 2006--Brandon was sent to the principal's office today for fighting on the bus.

June 2007--Looks like we're going to have to replace the whole water main.

TODAY--According to your cycles, you should be 10 weeks pregnant, but the ultrasound shows that you're ONLY SIX WEEKS ALONG.

D'OH! That's the news I received from my midwife at my appt this morning. NOT the news I was hoping to hear. But it does explain why I took three negative pregnancy tests before the one at my dr's office finally came up positive. AND it explains why I barely started feeling yucky last week. Here I thought I was going to be lucky and not get sick this time around.
No such luck!

Instead I find out that I have a whole other month added on to this pregnancy! My current due date is May 27th. I still have six weeks to go until I'm out of the first trimester. This could be a LONG month and a half.

It has also left me wondering--how BIG am I going to get this time? That picture that I posted from the beach....I was only 4 weeks along and I'm already showing. This could get ugly.

To end on a positive note, it was neat to see that itsy bitsy little baby inside and to see that the heart was beating and that everything looks healthy. And that it's not twins. :)


Natalie said...

So funny that you posted this today. I had some Don't Tell Me That news today too. It was "were going to trial". Not what I want to hear. I would rather hear, we have looked at the case, think its crap, and are throwing it out for good. No such luck.

Sandy said...

Oh man!! Maybe there's still hope that the ultrasound just wasn't accurate???!!! At least you DID get pregnant in the time you thought you were preggo!!

My SIL went to one of those mall store ultrasound places at 19 weeks preggo and they told her she WASN'T pregnant (she barely showed) - that there was no baby in there and they couldn't find anything. She almost miscarried just from the stress and shock of it (her hormones went down and everything) - turned out the ultrasound girl was just totally inept and my SIL was indeed 19 weeks preggo. Anyway --- I'm just glad for you that you are pregnant and hopefully the "showing" is just some first month bloating and will go away:)

Ang said...

Hooray that there's a heartbeat and all looks well!!!

Boo that you have four more long weeks to count down!!!

Oh, it's so hard to have even four DAYS added to your due date, let alone four weeks. I feel for you, I do. But I'm so glad the baby is healthy, too!

Grandma Sweat said...

Thanks for the news - I was seriously having premonitions that you were going to have twins and I've always had a paranoia about twins - I can't fathom having to take care of 2 newborns - and so I was thinking how are you going to make it with twins!! So, whew, I can cross that off my list of worries. I'm soooo sorry you just got 4 weeks added onto your due date though - I think you should officially call this a 10-month pregnancy and the last 4 weeks you are excused from doing anything because you didn't sign up to be pregnant past April 27th! So grateful that you saw the little beating heart - and I forgot you're going to a midwife this time. I'm glad - I get so frustrated with the doctors who come rushing in 2 minutes before (or after) the baby is born. I think a midwife will be much more attentive - and if anything goes wrong there's a doctor right at your fingertips, which is what they are when they're your primary ob!
Love to all,
Grandma Sweat

Carrie said...

Congratulations on a healthy heartbeat and baby (not babies)!! : )

Amy said...

I agree, that's not what you want to hear at your first appointment. Maybe you'll have the baby 4 weeks early and everything will even out. (-:

andrea said...

Sandy--that's exactly what my midwife said. "It's probably just first-trimester bloating." But she didn't say it would go away. Grrrr.

Shannon said...

I totally feel for you Andrea. I had the exact same thing happen, and when I found out I was only 6 WEEKS ALONG, I was so disappointed! Although, when I had my next ultrasound they bumped the date up about 5 days. So maybe you're not a full month behind what you thought. Just 3 weeks and 2 days! :)