Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Preview

Last night was our Fall Festival and Chili Cook-off at church. Andrew got to make his semi-annual trip to the kitchen to make Forrest and Angie's Award-Winning X96 Chili. It didn't win any awards for us this year, but we sure enjoyed eating it. Mmmmm... I wish I was eating some right now.

You know, the older I get, the more polarized my feelings about Halloween become. I LOVE dressing up. And I love dressing my kids up. I think that part is as fun for me now as it was when I was a kid. On what other occasion do I get to go to Goodwill and buy the most 1980's-looking dress I can find? Um, never.

BUT, the older I get the more I can't stand the candy part of Halloween. The hygienist in me just has a hard time seeing my children in possession of pounds of cavity-causing goodies. It almost grosses me out. I'm not even one of those health-nut moms who never has candy in the house. It's the quantities that get me at this time of year. Anyway.... on to the costumes.

Whitney chose to be a PUMPKIN this year.
Can you spot her among the others?
I was particularly happy with the way her stem turned out.

Brandon went with Jeff Gordon,
his favorite NASCAR driver.
I was (of course) unwilling to pay $75
for an authentic Jeff Gordon jacket, so we
made our own. I was pretty happy with how
it turned out and B-train liked it, too.

When Andrew was preparing to make his movie this summer
(on a side note, I don't think it is ever going into production),
we bought a couple of wigs. One of them happened to be a Pedro wig
with a mustache and bolo tie. I told him that instead of just letting
it continue to collect dust in our bedroom, we should try to sell it on eBay.
Andrew had a better idea. He thought we should dress up as
Pedro and Deb.
It was SO fun. Andrew's costume absolutely
cracked me up. Several people didn't recognize
him at the party. In fact, when he first tried it
on earlier in the day, he went to the front door and
rang the doorbell. Brandon answered it and didn't
recognize him. Then I got Whitney to come to the
door and she didn't recognize him either. I haven't
had that good of a belly laugh in a while.

Here's the whole fam posing with the spooky old lady
from the back row at church.
(She fake! I'm not THAT rude.)
Gotta love that 'stache!

Before the party, Whit tried on the Pedro costume.
Not bad.


Destiny said...

Everyone looks so cute!

I'm not a big fan of all the candy either. This year the great pumpkin is comeing at night after the kids go to bed. We've told the kids they can eat as much candy as they want after trick-or-treating. Then before bed they can fill 1 small baggie full of all the candy they want to keep. The rest goes back into the pumpkin and the Great Pumpkin comes and takes the candy to give to kids who didn't get any. In return, the Great Pumpkin leaves a small token ($1 store works great) in exchange. My kids are all excited.

Sandy said...

GREAT costumes! I'm so impressed:)

g & g hiatt said...

We wish all of you, including the old lady on the back row at church, would come trick or treating to our house.
Great costumes.
Whitney is a GREAT Pedro.

Ang said...

Great costumes!! The candy part of Halloween is hard for me to handle, too. I especially hate it when they sneak candy and THEN don't have the wherewithal to even cover their tracks and leave candy wrappers all over the house. Kids!

Natalie said...

The pose you and Andrew stuck when it was time to take pictures was the best ever! You should win best costumes just for that! And the kids were adorable. I hope they decide to stop by our house on Halloween for some trick or treating :). You guys are so cute!

Amy said...

Right now I like Halloween because of the candy. I've been eating Jack's. (-:

I love the costumes! It looks like you've already got Whit's costume for next year.

Grandma Sweat said...

What cute pictures - I didn't recognize Andrew either! Brandon and Whitney's costumes are so cute - Brandon has the Jeff Gordon swagger and everything and I love Whit's hair in her pumpkin picture. And you are a fetching Deb! Hope you have a happy Halloween!
Grandma Sweat

Jayne said...

Your cereal-killer costume served me well at the party this weekend. I even looked at your archives from last year to put it together. Everybody liked it cuz it was so simple. Thanks, friend!!

A couple of people told me they were going to steal the idea and I told them that I stole it from you (and I saw on your blog that you had stolen it from someone else...) ha ha. It was fun.

Gigi said...

Gotta love those costumes! Freeze the candy - dole it out gradually!
Love ya, mom

Carrie said...

I love the costumes! Happy Halloween!