Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin artists

We had our annual family pumpkin carve last night. Always a lot of messy fun.

Whitney picked the pattern she wanted and
enjoyed watching her Daddy carve it for her.

The little kit we bought this year came with a tracing
wheel. So I helped Brandon trace his design onto
the pumpkin.
And then he carved it himself. I was so
impressed with him!

Here's how they turned out:
Whitney's cute little face

Brandon's bat

My silhouetted window scene

I think Andrew's was my favorite:
A menacing, but somehow endearing
monster trick-or-treating

I loved setting all four of them out on the front step

and lighting them up. Woo hoo!

Whit apparently felt left out since she
didn't get to do any of the cutting.
She went upstairs and used some scissors to
give herself a haircut for the very first time.
I think she wanted a mullet!
I'm still not quite sure what to do about this.
I'm trying to ignore the problem and hope
it grows quickly.


Gigi said...

Whitney's cut was worth a belly laugh! Too cute & funny. It could have been worse. The jack-a-lanterns are cute, too. Love, mom

Denny & Joe said...

AWESOME jack-o-lanterns! And fortunately, hair grows (but sometimes not as fast as we'd like).

g & g hiatt said...

There's no doubt a position open at Super Cuts for Whitney.
She is so cute...
The pumpkins are fantastic.

Contact Info said...

Cute pumpkins! Cute cut....at least it wasn't a cut to the roots! Hope it grows quickly!

Natalie said...

Those pumpkins put ours to shame! And Whit's hair doesn't look too bad. Don't feel bad, every child does it at some point in their life!

Amy said...

Love the pumpkins and love the haircut. We forgot to take pictures of our pumpkins this year and they've already gone bad. Darn. At least you've got pictures of the stylish hair before it grows out. (-:

Sandy said...

Wow - that's quite the haircut, I'm totally laughing out loud (sorry, heehee) - her hair actually looks VERY similar to a mullet wig Jake uses for Halloween sometimes...:) Maybe its time for a pixie cut?

GREAT pumpkins, too!!

Marianne said...

Too funny! I thought maybe she had on Pedro's wig again!!! It will be ok--she's cute enough to pull off any hairdo!!

Pumpkins look fab!!