Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pregnancy: Pros and Cons

Things I'm excited about:
*To feel the baby move inside me. That is so fun...until month 8 and then it's just uncomfortable. And at month 9 I begin to wonder if I'll be giving birth to a professional martial artist--Ouch!

*Having a good excuse--even Doctor's orders--to gain weight. Yes! I take full advantage of this--especially after the morning sickness is gone. Pass the cheesecake, please.

*Finding out if it's a boy or a girl. I thought since we had one of each, it might be fun to wait until delivery, but I'm too anxious. I want to find out ASAP.

*Meeting our new little one and seeing if he or she looks like Brandon or Whitney or if we'll have a completely unique little person.

*Seeing Whitney as a big sister. I think she'll be so cute. I can't wait.

Things that really stink:
*Being sick. Throwing up. Dry heaves.

*Feeling so lazy that I want to sleep for the next five weeks. And feeling like a bad mom because I neglect Brandon and Whitney. "Can you come outside and play with us, Mom?" "Nope, sorry. Too tired. Resting."

*Anticipating more stretch marks. Yikes.

*Wondering if this will be the pregnancy where I never get back to pre-pregnancy weight.

*Having to pee ten or more times a day.

Things I'll miss:
*Being able to see my own toes. This is happening so quickly this third time around--they're vanishing beneath my belly!

*Laying on my stomach. This is my favorite position for late-night scripture reading with Andrew. Better come up with something else here pretty quick.

*Sleeping through the night. I've been so spoiled for the last 2 1/2 years. My kids are great sleepers. The waking-up-in-the-night has already started for potty breaks. Dang.

Things that terrify me:
*Labor! Even though Whitney's labor was actually really smooth, I still worry that I'll have another nightmarish one like I had with big boy B-train.

*Something going wrong, like the baby being born with Duane's syndrome or something much worse.

*Having to sit through sacrament meeting with a newborn. B and W do so well right now. And I don't have Greg and Nicolle to help me anymore. What am I going to do????

The best part:
*Feeling that this is the closest I've ever come to true Christlike service--giving up my body and my comfort for the benefit of someone else.


Shelley said...

I really liked this post. And I agree with all your highs and lows - these are the things I think about when it comes to baby #2 (still a ways off, don't worry). Although I still don't know what sleeping through the night is like, so maybe I won't have an adjustment there. :) And my sister curls her body pillow up in a circle and lays her belly on top of it so she can still lay on her tummy. I hated losing the tummy position when I was pregnant too!

Natalie said...

Wow things to look forward to, and some things not so much. And I already pee like 10 times a day and I am not even preggy.

I loved your "The Best Part". Excellent way to view it!

Sandy said...

Great post - and good for you for looking on the bright side:) If I could just do the second trimester for my pregnancies, I'd have 10 kids...but I just don't like the first trimester or last month!! I hope you make a scrapbook page about this list so you can remember it forever:)

Ang said...

I'm with you on laying on the tummy. Oh, so heavenly to do once you give birth! I also love being able to take a hot bath and not feel paranoid about it. My favorite thing about being preggo, though, is not worrying about what my abdomen looks like. It's SUPPOSED to look like that! Such a luxury (for me!).

Laurie said...

I agree with all of the above. Maybe I'll steal it when my turn for #3 comes around (which may be soon!). We'll see.

Grandma Sweat said...

I loved this post! I related to every pro and every con 100% except on - Dennis and I have yet to do late-night scripture reading, on our stomachs or otherwise :0

Love you all - thanks for the great update.

Grandma Sweat

rob, jax & max: the harmon squad said...

I wasn't so into being pregnant, but the thing I do miss is how comfortable I was with my body- bathing suit at 7 months? No problem!

Cameron's Blog said...

Hey wait there is another Shelly. Ok back to my comment. I got tears in my eyes when I read "the best part", all of our worries can truly disappear when we trust in God and this IS truly a miracle and gift from God. Hang in there. Oh yeah one more thing I thought you should add to the hate list is being at Sapparo's and having the greasy food being cooked right infront of you and the smoke blowing directly in your face. Love you Shelly