Thursday, October 25, 2007

The closest we'll ever get to a pet?

Brandon brought home a project from school a couple of weeks ago. It kind of looked like a rotten potato with googly eyes glued to it. He informed us that it had a name--Harry. B was going to water it and it would grow, kind of like a homemade Chia Pet. I had my doubts. After all, we had tried to plant grass in the trench where the water main was replaced. I watered that stuff faithfully for two weeks and what happened? Absolutely nothing. Not wanting to crush the boy's confidence, we found a home for Harry on a countertop with suitable sunlight and waited and watched.

What do you know? That thing grew and grew and grew.... and now he's like the fifth (sixth?) member of our family.

Harry and Brandon
I love Harry's green surfer-dude hair.
When he first started watering Harry, his eyes were even.
I guess his left side is growing more rapidly than his right.

Are you impressed? Andrew and I are. We're not big pet people, so this might be the closest thing B ever gets to having a real pet. And I don't think I'll feel as guilty if he forgets to water it and it dies. :)


g & g hiatt said...

Do we need to start a "Save Harry"

kel said...

I will sign the petition to save Harry. He is kind of cute in a scary kind of way.

Natalie said...

So cute! I want one!

Sandy said...

That's pretty cool! How do you make one?

Destiny said...

At least this pet will obey! Fun project.

marianne said...


Denny & Joe said...

Maybe you could teach him to do tricks, too. Very impressive, Brandon

Ang said...

I like the fact that his left googly eye is higher than his right. It makes him look curious.

Great-grandma Sweat said...

how do people invent these things? What a cute idea - now that you've shown everyone though, you're going to feel very guilty if B forgets to water Harry!!
Great-Grandma Sweat (to Brandon's child Harry)