Friday, August 31, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes--August

8/7 The first two entries actually reveal more about me as a mom than about my kids. We were in Sam's club this morning and walked by bulk-sized packages of ground beef. Brandon asked, "Mom, what's this stuff?" Oh my gosh--my six year old doesn't even know what hamburger looks like. I'm more of a vegetarian than I'd realized.

This afternoon, I was reading to Whitney. It was one of those alphabet books with a page dedicated to every letter. On the "I" page there was a picture of an iron. I pointed to it and asked Whitney, "What's that?" Her answer: "I don't know." She has never seen me iron. Interesting.

8/9 While snacking on a yummy treat today, Whit observed, "Chocolate is so delicious. It's so chocolatey."

8/11--Here's a glimpse of what's going on in that amazing mind of Brandon's: "OK, so if Heavenly Father made us, who made Him? Where did it all start?" WHOA--mind boggling. I remember having those exact same questions when I was in fourth grade--he's four years ahead of me, I guess. It would kind of make me dizzy to think about it. Actually, it still kind of does.

8/12 In sacrament meeting today, Brandon drew a picture for Whitney. At the end, he gave it to her and said, "You can keep this picture forever....unless you die...or lose it."

And Brandon, you can keep this water balloon forever!

8/14--Whitney has a new favorite line in her prayers, "Thank you that our daddy is handsome." Andrew and I both cracked up laughing the first time we heard it. We couldn't help it. Now she knows we think it's funny so she says it in almost every prayer.

8/15 We're still working our way through the Old Testament stories with Whit and we read about Solomon and how he's wise. We talked about what it meant to be wise and I guess it really stuck with Whit because that was a few days ago and this was part of our conversation today:
Me: "Oooh, girl. You are so smart!"
Whit: "And a little bit wise."

My two wise children

8/17 Whitney is so musical. She almost always has a song going through her head and often they are original compositions. Here's an example of what she was singing today while Andrew was pushing her on the swing, "I can touch the sky by myself. I can touch the sky by myself." This same line is sung over and over and over....

8/21 We were at the library today and participated in a little scavenger hunt. One thing we were supposed to do is to find our favorite artist from the locals who have work displayed there. When I asked Whit who her favorite artist was she said, "My favorite painter is myself." I guess she technically is a local artist, right?

8/22 This morning Whitney walked up to me and said, "Hi. I'm One Eye." It was early (before I had put in my contacts), so I replied, "Hi, there. I'm Four Eyes." Neither of us could just have two good eyes.

Four eyes and One Eye

8/22 We have a CD of VeggieTales songs and one of them talks about how the promised land is "flowing with milk and honey." B-train must've had that song in his head because in the car today, he randomly said, "Wouldn't that be cool if the promised land was flowing with milk and COOKIES?" Yes, buddy, that would be VERY cool.

During that same drive Whitney made this observation about the differences between boys and girls: "Mom, we like flowers and boys like football practice." Being a female athlete, I informed her that some girls like football practice, too. I don't think she believed me.

8/23 With school about to start, we were talking about which friends would be at Brandon's school. Brandon asked about Lauren, a friend who lives in our same neighborhood.
I told them, "No. Lauren goes to private school."
Whitney very excitedly asked, "PIRATE school?"
I think she was ready to enroll.

Wannabe Pirate
(already has the patch!)

8/24 Back to the unique smells my kids always come up with... We were walking by someone mowing their lawn today. Brandon said, "It smells like carrots." Whitney decided, "It smells like a giant bunny."

8/28--Usually when our kids wake up, we ask them if they had dreams and what they dreamed about. When I asked Whitney after her nap today she said, "I dreamed about being two." I said, "Oh, what was that like?" She answered, "Like being three. Except there was a line."


Natalie said...

Those were so good ones! My favorite was thanking Heavenly Father for her daddy being handsome. Hilarious!

And every now and then I have those mind blowing thoughts like Brandon. It is hard to wrap your head around some things!

Ang said...

So hilarious. I miss Whitney! I miss seeing her grow up to be such a big girl. It seems like forever since we last saw you, even though it's only been eight months, but she seems like she's grown up so much. (And I miss Brandon, too! But I feel like I know Brandon, you know?)

sandy said...

As usual, I'm sitting here cracking up!! I don't think my kids know about irons, either...yikes - we must be from the same generation, eh?:) The hamburger one was hilarious -- but I'd love some fun ideas for your vegetarian dinners! My husband doesn't think its a meal unless there is meat involved. Sometimes I can sneak in a meatless one...but I'd LOVE some good ideas. Future blog entry, maybe? Andi's Guide to Sort-Of Vegetarianism?

Denny & Joe said...

Very good edition this month. Your children are beautiful AND amusing.

g & g hiatt said...

Whitney and Dopey make great pirates. Thanks for the pics.

Kel said...

I am so grateful for your kids, that you record these things and bring laughter into my home!

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

I'm so glad you jot these down. I get to hear so few of them. By the time I get home from work and eat dinner, the only words coming from the mouths of our babes are, "I don't wanna clean my room and go to bed!".

You rock! Love the blog.

(You just came down the stairs and are watching me type this. Kind of creepy. I could just talk right now, but I'm typing in silence as you laugh at me. STOP IT! No, you stop!)

Grandma Sweat said...

I've enjoyed pondering excatly what " being three. Except there was a line" means coming from the mouth of our babe? I hope you are keeping a permanent copy of these - you ARE aren't you?
Thanks for another wonderful monthly installment!
Mom Sweat