Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One last getaway

So, while I was typing my last blog post about bidding farewell to summer, I was actually planning out one last little getaway before Brandon started school. Hee hee. I feel like I got away with something.

I talked Andrew into taking Monday off of work and we took a little trip to...

Isn't it beautiful?

Ok, so we actually went to Georgia to visit my brother, Paul, and his family. But we went to a little tourist town called Helen that is built just like an Alpine Village. It was fun to look around. They had a bazillion little shops selling everything under the sun.

Like suits of armor.
(Just what every little boy needs.)

My favorite shop was a little candy store that
sold chocolate covered rice krispy treats.
Mmmmm.....I wish I was eating one right now.

They had a Christmas store where the kids
could practice stabbing Santa with their
balloon swords. Fun, fun.
(Correction: Balloon LIGHT SABERS)

It was SUPER hot while we were walking around, but they have a little stream running right through the village. I really wanted to just wade around in it to cool off, but when we hiked down there it was infested with water snakes and I was too scared to get in. Boo on that.

Instead, we got pizza and had a picnic in the park. I learned that Carson can throw a frisbee better than me. But I'm pretty good at catching. Even so, Paul, Daneen, and Andrew were all MUCH better than me when we played "Three flies up" with the frisbee. I gave up and played baseball with the kids instead.

These three are SOOO cute together.
It's so fun that Carson's age is right in between Whit
and B. He plays well with both of them.

Here are the three munchkins
all spiffied up for church.
That was such a fiasco. I was SO excited to actually be able to sit with Andrew in sacrament meeting. That never happens. But both kids were little buggers. The lack of sleep from staying up late playing with their cousins really took effect. (Probably our lack of sleep from playing Tetris into all hours of the night didn't help matters any!) Andrew and I spent 90% of the mtg out of the chapel resolving reverence-related issues.

On our way home, we stopped at the Fun Depot in Asheville.
The kids and I had been there once before.
It's kind of pricey, but we had so much fun.
Brandon played laser tag with Andrew and loved this
NASCAR-style race car game.

Andrew and I LOVED the batting cages.
(I miss playing softball!)

Whit and I had fun on a go kart. Weee!

And now summer really is gone because Brandon started school this morning. More details to follow.


Erika said...

Dude! My friend got married in Helen and it's the GREATEST place ever!!! I didn't know that anyone else knew that it existed. Jeremy and I loved that place and we plan to go back because it was so cute. My favorite place was this candy place that had everything I could want dipped in white chocolate:)

GiGi said...

What a great weekend it sounds like! I'm glad you and the Gerbers were able to get together! The kids look so cute!

sandy said...

Looks like so much fun! I laughed out loud at the part about stabbing Santa with balloon light sabers and about going out in the hall for "reverence-related issues" - hahaha!

Natalie said...

Wow Helen looks so cool! How far away from here is that? I want to go! I am glad you guys had such a fun trip and Carson is too cute!

Rice Crispies are my favorite so next time you go I will send you with some $ to buy me one!

Kel said...

Whoa way to sneak in that one last adventure! Whit looks like a pretty mean go kart driver!

Carrie said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. Weekends away are so much fun! Did Brandon get to try on his suit of armor? : )

Shelley said...

Love the apparent football helmet required to bat in the batting cages. Hilarious!

Amy said...

You and your adventures. You guys are too much fun!