Wednesday, August 22, 2007

(Some of) Your patch requests

Thanks to everyone who entered requests for patches. It can be hard to come up with new things on my own. I took you up on some of your ideas and others were beyond me (namely Dr. Buckley, Hot Rod, and the glammed up Whit).

Here are my attempts at...
(He was harder than I thought he should've been!)

(I thought this one turned out pretty darn good.)


(Which Whitney loved)

Sally Brown
(didn't think she'd care for Charlie much)

And here are a couple new ones I came up with:
Hello Kitty
(gotta love the simplicity here)

and Ariel
(didn't turn out too bad, for a princess)

And just to show you that not all of my patches turn
out to be works of art:
This was my first attempt at Tinkerbell
before the cute one that I posted last week.
Doesn't she look creepy?

Thanks, again for your input.
I'm always open for suggestions.
We have at least 2 more weeks to go
with the patching and we'll see
what happens after that.


g & g hiatt said...

Fantastic! You're really good, Andrea. Whitney must have a lot of fun with this, too. Thanks for including "Dopey". How about Pinocchio? Dumbo? The Cowardly Lion? The Tin Man? The Scare Crow?
Toto? Maybe even Dorothy?
Thanks for sharing. Our love to you all.

Natalie said...

Dopey turned out very well. But holly cow that Tinkerbell was a little scary! Ha ha. You should be a cartoonist! I thought of a new one too. How about Betty Boop?

Ang said...

I love Zoe. And tinkerbell is freaky. I think you should do a "freaky princess" series and market it to disaffected teenage goth girls. Who knows--eye patches might be the next lip ring!?

sandy said...

Great eye patches! I did get a kick out of your creepy Tinkerbell, but at least you can tell what its supposed to be! How about Nemo or Dorey? Or Strawberry Shortcake?

GiGi said...

You did an amazing job with the patches! I bet Whitney loves them.

Carrie said...

I am so glad that Snoopy made the list. He is one of my favorites! If Whitney likes puppies, she can come play with Booker and Peanut (our doggies) anytime. : )