Friday, August 24, 2007

Farewell, summer

As with most good things, summer has come to an end. I guess I'm lucky because mine has lasted longer than most every one else I know. (We have three more days until it's back to the grind.) Time to wish good-bye to lazy mornings, flexible bedtimes, and complete freedom from schedules.

This summer, we had so many little events that weren't blog-worthy on their own, but were really what made up the bulk of the season. So I've thrown them all together and here's my ode to summer:

Whit singing and dancing to her own music.

A couple of trips to Artquest where the kids
built cool towers with Kapla blocks,

painted pictures of Legos,

painted themselves,

and wore fancy dress-ups.

Lazy Sunday afternoons spent
blowing bubbles in the backyard
with cool gadgets

and the good old fashioned way.


Water-gun fights

The obligatory visits to Chuck E Cheese

Swimming with friends

and more friends

and Brandon learning how to jump off the diving board.
I guess he somehow figured out how to swim this
summer without formal lessons.

Picnics in the park

Swinging at the playground

Feeding the ducks

and taking lots and lots of trips to the water park
(I'm too worried my camera will get stolen,
so I never take it with. This is the "before" pic.)

So, until next year, farewell summer freedom. Hello "Back to School."


Laurie said...

Great summer recap. I love your bonus room too. I'll try not to be jealous. Our playroom is our small 4th bedroom. I'm hoping to keep it a non-bedroom for as long as possible!

Sandy said...

Wow - you guys had a great summer! We need to move somewhere with more to do, man!

Barbara said...

What a great post - I loved it - I felt a little bit like I was experiencing all of it with you - so thanks for the great summer! I LOVE the picture of the 4 of you in the park - that is suitable for framing.
Counting down the days until we come and see you (26........)
Mom Sweat

g & g hiatt said...

Almost as good as being there (though we've never been there).
Some real keepers in these pics.
Thanks for sharing.
Brandon and Whitney are really growing up!
Love to you all

Leah & Mike said...

I had to comment on your blog, cute kids. It was fun seeing you last month when we stayed with the Sherwoods. My little brother was just in town with his wife, so we took a trip to Winslow, they have done a lot of remodeling. The LaPosda Hotel looks great and the movie theater is up and playing a movie a week. And of course we stopped off at the Root Beer Stand, twice. Once for lunch and then freezes in the afternoon. It was fun. We'll have to make a trip every few years, mostly for ChiliFries.


Ang said...

I love that last picture of B and Whit. SO CUTE! Whitney looks great in pigtails.

Amy said...

Great picture of the four of you in the park. You get lots of nice family photos. I also loved the four shots of Whitney singing and dancing to her own music. Very cute with it put together that way.

Natalie said...

Cute summer photos! Looks like you guys have had a fun summer! I would love to catch whit in the act of singing and dancing. Too cute.

GiGi said...

The pictures were great! What a perfect way to bring summer memories to an end and yet there to remember!