Saturday, August 11, 2007

Here we go again

I had a lot of fun last time one of these survey-type things went around my circle of blogs, so here's another one. Join in the fun!

Jobs I've had:
1. Carhop at the Root Beer Stand
2. Dental Assistant
3. Janitor at the BYU Health Center
4. Dental Hygienist

(I've had many, many more jobs. I went through a phase of quitting my job every month while we were still in college. But I'll spare you all the details.)

Movies I could watch over and over:
1. Napoleon Dynamite
2. Notting Hill
3. Tommy Boy
4. Anne of Green Gables

Places I've Lived:
1. UT
2. NM
3. MT
4. AZ
5. NV
6. NC

Favorite TV shows:
2. American Idol
3. Survivor
4. Jeopardy

Favorite Foods:
1. Homemade rice, beans, and tortillas
2. Cheesecake
3. Lettuce wraps at P.F. Chang's
4. Homemade rolls (or Rhoade's will do, too)

Websites I visit:(other than my friend's blogs)
1. The official website of Eric D. Snider
(This guy wrote for the Daily Universe while we were at BYU. Pretty funny.)
2. Stephenie Meyer's website
(Yes, I am obsessed with her books right now. I stayed up until 1 am today to finish reading the third one, Eclipse. I didn't like it as well as Twilight, but it was still a great read.)
3. craigslist
(I have sold a couple things and love to browse at what's for sale but have yet to make a purchase.)
4. Family Search Indexing
(After that article in the Ensign this month, I have started doing indexing. Very cool. Click on "volunteer" if you're interested.)

Four places I'd rather be:
1. The Bahamas
2. On a road trip
3. Carolina Beach
4. New Zealand

1. Amy
2. Shelley
3. Paul
4. Marianne


Ang said...

You don't know it, but two of your comments related to two different things that I read on the AML list (the email list for the Association for Mormon Letters) in the last couple of days. One is Eric Snider, an AML list regular who posts all the time; all though I don't know him personally I feel like I do kinda because he posts a lot. And you read his blog! The other is Stephenie Meyer, currently the envy of all members of the AML list for not only being a Mormon author who has made good, but a Mormon author who has made very VERY good. An article about her from the Wall Street Journal was recently posted on the AML list and I just read it. Here's the link:

the sandy man said...

"Eclipse" out-ranked the last of the Harry Potter books on the best seller list this week.
(I'll bet you thought I had no idea who Stephanie Meyer is.)

sandy said...

HAHA - I forgot about Eric Snider. I'm gonna have to go look at his website, its been a while. I started indexing at Family Search, too - its fun! The last one I did had a census taker with REALLY REALLY bad handwriting, though! I need to put a plug in my blog for the indexing site, too - thanks for the reminder!

Mom Sweat said...

Thanks for the great update- I think you should start a weekly "Out of the Mouth of Babes" feature - those make me laugh out loud more than Eric Snider would - whoever he is - I'll have to check him out.

Sure do miss you guys! We (well, mostly dad) cleaned out the basement this weekend getting ready to finish it, and I put away "Money-bags Brandon Sweat's" store supplies. I wonder what the basement will look like next time he sets up shop?

Sure miss you guys - can't wait to meet up with you next month at one of your 4 favorite destinations!

MOm Sweat

Amy said...

Now I want to check out who Eric Snider is, read some of Stephenie Meyer's books, do some family search indexing, and update my blog since I've been tagged. That should keep me entertained through Jack's nap today. (-:

Gigi said...

Great List! Right now I would rather be anywhere but here as I attempt to declutter! :(

Paul & Daneen said...

what does "tagged" mean? Does that mean you spray painted me? Or does it mean you sprayed me with some body spray? I am pleading ignorance on this one big time....


andrea said...

Are you being serious or sarcastic, Paul?

It's sometimes hard to tell...

But at the risk of looking like an idiot, I'm going to guess you're being serious and tell you that when you're tagged, it's your turn to answer all of these questions on your blog or here in the comments section of mine. :)

Paul & Daneen said...

I was being serious! Man, why does everyone think I am sarcastic....? :) Here goes my list, I will just do it right here:

Jobs I've Had:
1. Reminder Delivery Boy
2. Taco Bell Cook
3. Rootbeer Stand carhop/cook
4. NAU Bursar's Office Cashier
5. Civil Engineer

Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
1. Tommy Boy
2. Black Sheep
3. Groundhog Day
4. Cable Guy
5. Nacho Libre

Places I've lived:
1. NM
2. MT
3. AZ
4. SC
5. GA
(and a few others...)

Favorite TV Shows:
1. The Office
2. One Tree Hill (Don't Judge Me!)
3. Survivor Man
4. Dirty Jobs
5. Scrubs

Favorite Foods:
1. eggs & potatos (w/tortillas)*
2. beans & rice (w/tortillas)*
3. chorizzo (w/tortillas)*
4. Taco Bell Burritos*
5. Oreo cookies*
*due to their unhealthy nature, I rarely eat any of my favorites..

Websites I Visit:
1. (arizona fly fishing website/forum)
2. (arizona hunting/fishing/etc.. website)
3. (enough said)
4. (waiting for my dream job in montana to open up..hehe)
5. (weather website, i get bored)

Four Places I'd Rather Be:
1. Fishing with my dad and brother
2. Montana
3. Arizona
4. anywhere but here....hehe

? I guess it ends with me.