Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Our Big First Grader

Hooray for Brandon!
Our big boy started first grade yesterday and he rocked.

Doesn't he look handsome and mature?

With our move this summer, he is attending a different school. We know a few friends there and he was excited about the change. He's such a flexible kid. He didn't complain at all about leaving his comfort zone or the friends he already had from kindergarten. There are times that he can make my life really easy. What a blessing.

Gotta love the NASCAR lunchbox.

He gets to ride the bus again this year, which I also LOVE. We had some confusion because two different buses drive by our stop, but apparently one of them is overcrowded, so he's supposed to get on the second one, not the first. That could get tricky. Thankfully, they're both going to the same school, so he'll get there one way or the other.

He had a wonderful day yesterday. He was very excited when he came home. I was so happy for him. Here's what he had to say about it:

Me: How was your teacher?
B: She's really nice. She's not even one bit strict. If we don't listen, we have to pull a card from green to yellow, but that only happened a couple of times.
Me: Did you have to pull a card?
B: No way.

Me: What was the best part of the day?
B: Going to computer lab. I made a daredevil rider on the computer. It was awesome.
[Times have changed since we were in school, huh?]

Me: What was the worst part?
B: Nothing.

Me: What was the hardest part?
B: We had a teacher test. It was so hard. She asked us questions about her, like "Do I have two daughters? Do I drive a red car? Did I grow up in California?" And I only got two wrong. Isn't that amazing?

Me: What was the funniest part?
B: (silence for a while) I don't know. But the weirdest part was that the car line to pick up the kids filled the whole entire parking lot and went to the end of the neighborhood.
[This comment made me even MORE grateful for the bus.]

Me: How was recess?
B: Good. We got to play on the fifth grade playground, but it was, like, for babies. There was nothing big or scary on it.

As much as I was in denial that summer was over, I am happy to be back in the routine of school. There is something comforting about the rhythm of starting a new school year. His teacher seems wonderful--very organized, communicates well with the parents, seems to be very in control of her classroom. He has one good friend from church(Bailee) in his class and knows one other boy, too. There are SIX first grade classes, so the chances of this happening were slim. Glad it worked out that way.


Ang said...

Oh, I'm glad he had a good day! What a big kid he is with his lunch box and his excellent commentary. With Jonas I get, "It was fine." "It was good." "I liked it." So nonspecific!! He'll have to take some lessons from Brandon!

Barbara said...

Is Brandon shaving? He looks 17 years old in that first picture - sooo cute, but really, exceptionally old-looking all of a sudden. It's almost like I can picture what he'll look like as an adult. A 6 foot 10 adult at that! And Ang, I always had to ask you guys what you had for hot lunch to get more than a two-word answer to the "how was school" questions!
Mom Sweat

Natalie said...

Brandon looks so old in that first picture! Man he is growing up fast. I am glad he is enjoying school and that Bailee is in his class.

And yes I too encountered the long line of cars in the morning trying to drop of their kids on my way to work. I decided to try a different route from now on.

Carrie said...

Brandon is such a big boy! I am glad that he enjoyed his first day of school. It's always so important to have great teachers.

rob, jax & max: the harmon squad said...

I can't believe how old all these kids are getting (including my own)! I'm glad Brandon had a good first day, and especially that he rides the bus- it builds character and saves a lot of gas.

Amy said...

Riding the bus to school seems like a t.v. school thing for me because I never knew anyone that rode the bus. Not one single person.
I'm glad B had a good first day. He looks very studly in that picture.

Oblivious Idiot said...

Please explain the "pulling a green/yellow card" procedure. I'm not sure I get that.

Sandy said...

Brandon looks VERY mature and handsome - and the Nascar lunchbox rocks (he's fitting right in there in the South, eh? haha). Here almost every kid rides the bus unless you currently live practically on the school grounds, like us. Its a nice little perk in this day and age of $87/gallon gas (or whatever it is). Glad he had so much fun! Is Whitney getting antsy to go to school yet? All Heather can talk about is turning 5 so she can go to kindergarten. We have to reach 4 first, though.

andrea said...

Green/Yellow Card Explanation:

B's teacher uses this system for behavior management. All the kids start out with a green card. The first time they break the rules, they have to pull the green card and are left with a yellow. If they are bad again, they pull the yellow and are left with a red card. I think there is something inherently BAD about red cards. Parents are called, action is taken, etc. For every day that a student keeps a green card, they get a sticker and can eventually earn prizes. Pretty nifty, huh? And it seems to be effective, too.

Denny & Joe said...

Wow, Brandon, way to start off first grade with a bang. I loved hearing about your first-day adventures. Sounds like you're going to have a great year.

Paul & Daneen said...

I think if they get a red card they have to miss the next two matches or something....oh wait that is soccer.

Sounds like B-train had a good first day. That's great.