Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another fun date

This weekend we had another really fun date that may have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We went to a professional golf tournament with our friends. Cool, huh?

It was the Wyndham Championship.

It was on a beautiful course. And it was hot, of course,
but not as hot as it has been lately, so it was bearable.

What I learned from my first PGA tournament:

*When the volunteers in the blue shirts raise both of their arms straight up into the air, you can't talk or even walk because one of the golfers is about to hit the ball. You need to hold still and be silent. Is this crazy? It seems like other athletes get taunted and/or cheered during crucial moments. Not golf. It is a very quiet game. (Pansies.)

*People don't really do the golf clap. I was all excited to use the delicate little golf clap after a big shot. Oh, no. People just regular clap. And some of them do it very boisterously. And some people even cheer out loud when a big putt is sunk.

*Golfing isn't as easy as those pros make it look. Andrew was in awe by the shots the players were making. I thought it looked like a piece of cake. They had a little fan appreciation booth set up where you could putt for prizes. I convinced Andrew to go try it with me. You got three tries and needed to sink two of the three balls. I wasn't even CLOSE. Not on a single one. It was humbling. Andrew was actually really close on all of them, but didn't make any of his either.

*There aren't many sports that have such beautiful backgrounds as golf.

*Watching golf makes me want to play golf. Andrew already has a date picked out for him to get out on a golf course. I settled for playing the Waialae Country Club Golf game that we have for the Nintendo. I wasn't very good at that, either. Andrew kicked my tail. Now I'm itching to go to a driving range, too.

Big thanks to Michael and Shelley for making this date possible. And to our babysitter for watching the kids for FIVE hours so we didn't have to stress over whether or not they'd obey the volunteers raising their hands and shooshing us.


not a golfer in Sandy said...

A man was playing golf and his ball hit a lawyer on the head.
Lawyer came over and said "Hey, you, I'm a lawyer and I'm going to sue you for $10,000." The man said
"But I yelled 'FORE'".
The lawyer said "I'll take it."

Natalie said...

I am glad you guys had fun! We got to go last year and it was fun, but the weather wasn't nearly as cooperative. It was cold and rainy. I love playing golf, but watching it is very different.

sandy said...

Looks like a fun date!!

rob, jax & max: the harmon squad said...

If only every parent I babysat for was as concerned with the amount of time they were gone as you guys are. When I was babysitting, five hours was short- there were some nights (or days) I would wonder if they were ever going to come home. We're glad you had fun!- I just can't believe how much water and manpower it takes to keep those greens green.

Mom Sweat said...

Dennis will relish reading this post - he is golfing in the morning as a matter of fact - in beautiful downtown Laughlin, Nevada - truly the ugliest spot on the face of the earth. If Hell has a cousin, it's Laughlin. But, the State of UTah springs for $15/night rooms for Dennis and his co-workers, so he's at his annual week-long conference for the people who keep all the contractors in the country honest!

Mom Sweat