Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The all new bonus room

When we got this house, we were really happy with the paint colors in all of the rooms...except one. The bubble gum pink in the bonus room HAD to go.

See what I mean?
It just didn't work for me.

Andrew was gone for work last week. So, I decided this would be my little project to make the time go by faster--painting the bonus room. I would mostly work at night after I put the kids to bed. It became a mission. I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning the last night of his trip so it would be done before he came home. And I did it!
What do you think?

I am THRILLED with the way it turned out.
But now I need to throw some pictures on the walls.

The color is kind of a greenish-beige. It is very inviting. Andrew thinks this room is just the kids playroom. But I have a different vision. When we find a new sofa and loveseat for the family room downstairs, we're bringing the old sofa up here and I can see me just lazily reading on the couch while the kids quietly entertain themselves. (Ha--keep dreaming!) And this is where we read bedtime stories and scriptures. I could see some mean games of Scrabble happening here, too. The change in color is a great first step toward my dream, don'tcha think?


Natalie said...

Hey Andrea,

I am glad your painting project was a success! I love the color too. Way better than that yucky pink!

Ang said...

Oooh, I like that. Very soothing. Forrest and I will have to visit someday and challenge both of you to a game of scrabble in the green room. (I think that's what you should call it now. It's where celebrities hang out before going on the Tonight Show--and you guys are bound to be famous someday!). Forrest keeps beating me in scrabble, though, which is disheartening. But I consistently beat him at Boggle. So there!

Amy said...

I love it! Good job. You also bought some of those shelves with the baskets. Are they from Target? I like them. I think that room will make a great Scrabble room.

g & g hiatt said...

A definite improvement over the bubble gum pink. Has a soothing,
quieting, "je ne sai quai" quality about it. Don't throw any pictures on the walls. Wait until Grandma and Grandpa Sweat come for their visit. They are GREAT at hanging pictures. They hung almost all of ours when we moved into this condo.

Denny & Joe said...

Lovely room--a very nice change from bubble gum pink. I'll bet Andrew was very impressed when he came home.

sandy said...

Love that color! Wow - that pink would have driven me NUTS!! The green is much more family-friendly (although I have a few little girls around here who would have LOVED a room that color!).

Dan and Marci said...

You are much braver than I. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't attempt such a project myself. It looks great!

Gigi said...

Good job, Andi! I like the way the room looks now.

Mom Sweat said...

It's easy being green - my favorite color - I love it! Even the toys look more sophisticated next to a green wall vs. a pink one! I was reading Angie's response about Scrabble, which made me think about playing 25 words or less with you and Andrew, and laughing so hard that I got a cough that has now lasted 6 years - but it was worth it. I still remember the clue too - I wanted you to say the word "zip" and my clue was "puh-dee-do-dah" and the puzzled look on your face was an immediate clue that I was in deep trouble.
It's HARD to paint a room - all that unscrewing of light fixtures and taping off ceilings and baseboards and then trying to "cut-in" the little edges that didn't quite get straight- I'm so impressed that you were able to pull it off so fast. Very soothing color and I love your idea of turning it into a get-away. We saw some pretty cool "fainting" couches at the Parade of Homes - they're really big on those in bedrooms this year - the long chaise lounges without any arms - I can picture you now, lying on it in that room - reading Alma, Heleman, 3rd, 4th Nephi....all the good books :)
Mom Sweat

andrea said...

Ang--Yes, please come visit and challenge us to Scrabble. It would be a heated match, I'm sure. We actually just bought Boggle about two weeks ago and Andrew kicks my tail. Is there some sort of learning curve to it? I'm hoping I get better with practice.

And you need to bring baby Wyatt with you when you come so he's not 5 by the time I meet him. :)

Amy--Yep, I followed your lead and got the boxy shelf at Target. I've been really happy with it. Thanks for the advice.

Patrick said...

I have to say that the pink was way more fun than the puke green. But, hey, to each his/her own. It does look nice...even if the pink was better.

andrea said...

Patrick--The previous owners of this house left us about 1/2 a gallon of that gorgeous pink paint if you're interested. :)

Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

Can I get on the waiting list for that bubble gum pink paint? Just kidding, I ditto the comments about how brave you are for tackleing this project while Andrew was gone. Good work!