Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fun stuff

So from my last post, you might've gotten the impression that I'm just lying around the house, eating huge meals, getting spoiled, and waiting for this baby to be born. While some days I wish that were true, it's not. Here's some of the other fun stuff we've been up to.

Strawberry picking

I guess you could say this has become an annual tradition with my friends--to head out to the strawberry fields and do some picking while the picking is good. It's such a fun experience for the kids and we head home with some DELICIOUS berries.
I think Brandon could've grown up as a farm boy.
Or at least for a day. He went to work and just
kept on picking until his basket was full.

The boys' favorite part? The cart ride
from the stand out to the fields. Hang on!

W did pretty good at picking, too.
She only picked the ripest berries.

But her attention span is much shorter,
so I actually had to get down in the
trenches and pick a few myself.

Visit to the zoo...I mean the Natural Science Center

We'd been planning a get-together with our cousins from across the state for a few weeks now. We decided to meet up at the zoo. Just our luck, the zoo (which has a big marketing campaign about being open every day except Christmas) had a water main break and they were CLOSED. Are you kidding me? We switched to plan B and visited the Natural Science Center instead. The kids had a great time and it has its own little zoo anyway.

Mason loved the petting zoo.

Actually, all of the kids did.
(I don't think that's the part of the horse I
would choose to pet...but sometimes you
gotta take what you can reach, huh?)

One of the tigers was hanging out RIGHT by the
viewing window. The kids thought it was awesome.
Brandon especially loved being able to see his
teeth REAL close up.

Whit and Avery were so cute together.
I loved to see them walking down the
trails holding hands.

It was a pretty hot day and
these fountains were a hit, too.

I'm so glad that we have at least a few family members within a day's drive.


Brandon has started baseball season up again. I made him skip soccer so that Whit could do her ballet and he's been itching to start a new sport.

I know I am completely biased, but
is this a handsome kid or what?

He ended up on a team with a couple of good
friends and several other kids that he knows,
so he's having a good time. They had their
first game last night.

Brandon did well batting. He got on base every time.
He could use a little more practice in the field.
That takes a lot of patience, which I think he's
still working on developing.
Here he is playing every baseball player's favorite
position--right field. Woo hoo!


Natalie said...

Strawberry picking looks like a lot of fun. You will have to let us know where you go around here. We would love to try it out!

Ang said...

You always have so many fun outings with your kids. And my boys seem to be in right field a lot . . . maybe it's genetic? :-)

Amy said...

Strawberry picking looks like a lot of fun. Maybe not when you're 9 months pregnant, but fun for the kids. And yes, Brandon looks like a little stud in his baseball uniform.

Denny & Joe said...

Mmmm, that strawberry adventure looks like a lot of fun. What kinds of things did you make with the berries? (I must be hungry right now...) Very cute photos, as always.

Anonymous said...

Brandon looks like he was born to play ball and Whitney is every inch a princess, even when picking strawberries.
Thanks for sharing.
G&G Hiatt

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

It looks like Whitney was petting the tiger after the petting zoo photos. You can't see the glass in the photo. Man, she's braver than I thought!


Grandma Sweat said...

Andrea - Thanks for all the great photos - I had to laugh at Andrew's comment because I thought the very same thing when I looked at Whitney petting the Tiger - and my second thought was, "Maybe Tigers are tamer in North Carolina....?"

Love to all of you - hope you have a post containing pictures of a brand new baby girl soon!
Grandma Sweat

Laurie said...

Cute kids!

Hope you are surviving the last week or so and feeling ready!!

Guess who said...

Love that Gators cap, B!