Friday, October 31, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes--October

Here are some tricks and treats from our family this month.

10/1--Sometimes Brandon says the most random things. Like this, "I like smelling. It's one of my hobbies. I like to smell things like fish...and salty things." Huh.

10/1--I'm not sure exactly where this thought came from, either. We were getting out of the van....which is usually really messy. Whit said, "I wish I could eat trash like a goat." Oh my gosh. Did she want to be helpful and eat all the trash lying around the van? I'm not sure.

10/4--My children are ingenious! They've invented a new game:


I think it could sweep the nation,
what do you think?
Yea, it's lots of fun until the crying starts...
in approximately 27 seconds.

10/7--Today I heard Whitney say something I NEVER thought I'd hear from a four year old. "Mom, can I have some more lima beans?" Seriously. That's what she was eating for lunch. At her request. Who is this child? We read a book called "A Serious Case of Stripes" and the girl in the story liked lima beans, so Whit wanted to try them. I figured it would be a good experiment, but never dreamed Whit would actually enjoy eating them enough to ask for more! What's next? Sushi?

10/10--When I put on C's headband this morning, Whit said, "She looks like an ice cream man."

"Ice cream! Get your ice cream here!"
I don't see it. Do you?

10/12--Caroline was babbling tonight and Brandon said it sounded like she was talking in Morse code. I'm not sure how he knows what that sound like. "Wouldn't that be cool if Caroline and I could speak in Morse code when we were born? We'd be the most famous babies in the world!"

dot dash dot dot dash
[sidenote: click to see Caroline's cute little teeth!]

10/13--Whit came in bed to snuggle with me for a minute this morning after the boys were gone to work and school. She looked at my arm and said, "You're skinny." Girl, you know how to make a mom feel good in the morning. "You're, like, as skinny as sand." Hmmm...I think that was still a compliment.

10/13--Whit spilled her milk all over the floor this morning. There was no crying involved, but being the "wicked" mother that I am, I had her clean it up herself. As she was on the floor scrubbing, she honestly said, "You're treating me like Cinderella!" The drama!

10/16--What is that on my chandelier?

We better go in for a closer look.

That's what I was afraid of.
Whitney's unmentionables.
Long story.
Laundry sorting gone awry.

10/17--Whit was holding her ice pack as we got her lunch ready to take to school this morning. Her hands got really cold and she giggled and said, "Mom, I'm one of those vampires from your book!" Wow--didn't realize she could pick up that much about the Twilight series from us.

Little Renesmee's?

10/19--Brandon has a lot of strengths. He's smart. He's funny. He's athletic. But one thing he's not so good at: helping without being asked. I think a lot of kids are that way. Today, when we got back from church, I was unloading all of our churchy paraphernalia and both older kids had gone in the house. Brandon came back out into the garage and asked, "Can I help you with anything?" It was so sweet and doesn't happen often.

Remind me: I can't say Brandon NEVER
offers to help around the house.

10/21--Our conversation over morning snack:
W: Mom, do you know about Bo-Anks?
Me: Boinks?
W: No, Bo-Anks.
Me: No, what is it?
W: It's a place where children can go to learn enthusiastics.
Me: Enthusiastics?
W: Yes, children can prepare for the future. It says that before Sid the Science kid. And it also talks about different foundations: The Rose Hill Foundation, The David Foundation...I can't remember the other foundations.

But advertising doesn't have ANY influence on kids, right?

10/22--Whit was the calendar helper at school today. When that's her job, I always quiz her on the date. She thought hard about what today's date was and then said, "October tooty-two. Two two. Is that tooty two?" Pretty close, babe.

10/27--Whit's latest fad: Books on CD. She checks them out from the library and listens to them over and over again. It has really increased her vocabulary, but sometimes she doesn't know what the words mean. Today, at different times, she asked, "What's 'billowing'?" "What does 'weary' mean?" and "What's a marsupial?" Sometimes I have to remind myself that this girl is only FOUR YEARS OLD.

Bonus pic:
Caroline in one of my favorite outfits.
Doesn't she look like a little lady?
If you click, you can see her eye color.
Still kind of hanging out in the gray range.


Destiny said...

the pictures are just as cute as the sayings. Caroline is looking so grown up. Love her little black outfit.

Angelica's Family Adventures said...

The unmentionables are my favorite part. Hillarious!

Destinee said...

I always love these posts! You have some great pics of the 3 of them together! I cannot get mine to cooperate!

Bumbo Boxing! That's brilliant. Maybe you can sell the idea to wii.

I'd love to hear more about the laundry sortin incident. That is hilarious!

Julie Hoggard said...

Your children have wonderful personalities- I just love little kids. Hope your having fun!

Aunt Julie said...

They are all so cute and have such adorable sayings. Caroline is so beautiful in her sophisticated outfit. I talked to my friend Dee Brewer recently and she adores your kids and went on and on about what an angel Whitney is. It was so nice to hear. Makes me feel a little closer to my North Carolina family. Good work, Andrea and Andrew! Love, Aunt Julie

Grandma Sweat said...

A Triple whammy - pictures, commentary AND ootmob all rolled into one. Caroline's eyes are BLUE if you ask me - and so are Macy's - wouldn't it be unbelievable if all three of them ended up with blue eyes? Vivian isn't so unbelievable, but who would have thought that Whitney and Jack would have little sisters with blue eyes? Thanks for the great post!
Grandma Sweat

The Oregonians said...

Thanks for the really GREAT pictures. Caroline has really grown so much. We clicked on her picture as you suggested and it was almost like having her looking at us in person. Whatever color, she has beautiful eyes. As do all of you...
Thanks for sharing

John Laurie Clayton Jack said...

I saw the coolest Shutterfly book the other day that a friend made, and thought of your brilliant quote documenting abilities. She put a fun quote from one of hte kids on one page and on the adjacent page there was a cute picture of that kid. It was well done. I'll have to see if she can let me view it on Shutterfly and I'll have to show you. It's a GREAT keepsake.

Kiersten said...

Great pics, and such fun stories. I really like the way you do this each month!

Aunt Destiny said...

You know too many Destiny's. Anyways, you're kids are cute as always! I think Caroline is going to be a blondie and she's going to have eyes like me :D Love ya!

Julia said...

Hilarious as always! I love the shot of all three of them from above...they are all smiling such happy smiles together. Cuteness.

Vlazny's said...

That is such a great pic of the 3 kids.

Ang said...

I love Whitney's vocab. Billowy!! Perfect. And darling pics as usual.

Natalie said...

So many good ones this month. Your kids say the strangest things! And those undies on the chandilier made me crack up!

Troy and Jessica said...

So funny! My favorite parts of everyone's blogs are the funny things kids say! Funny what they pick up when you think they aren't listening. Lydia knows who Bella & Edward on the movie trailers are. :) I saw a toddler shirt that said, "Future Twilight Fan" and wanted to get it. :) Your kids are way too cute! I can't believe Caroline already has her teeth! I thought Jonah would have his months ago, but they STILL haven't broke through! The mtn pics were beautiful, too!

Lani and Eric said...

Your kids are so sweet Andrea! I love reading your blog and glad to hear things are well for you!!

C & C Howard said...

I love the pictures of the three of them. You have such beautiful children. Where do you get Caroline's flower headbands? I need to get some for my Caroline!

Matt and Heather said...

I LOVED this post. Your kids are so dang cute. And super smart! And seriously... how did they end up on the chandelier..? Hm
Hope your all doing great!

andrea said...

OK. I'll spill the beans. We sort laundry upstairs, but the washer and dryer and down in the basement. So when we're feeling lazy, we just throw the laundry off the little banister down to the first floor. Whit thought she'd get tricky and throw it over backwards. She has really bad aim and it got caught in the chandelier. Oops!

Courtney--Aren't those headbands cute? My SIL made them for me and the flowers are interchangeable and all slip out and can be used as clips when Caroline gets hair. If that ever happens. :)

andrea said...

I don't know why I typed basement. We don't even HAVE basement. I just meant that the washer and dryer were downstairs.