Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Backyard Entertainment

Before Andrew and I had kids, we were at his parents' home for a weekend. We took a softball and our gloves out in the yard and spent a good hour or so just playing catch. It was a blast. I remember his Mom saying, "All you have to do is give Andrew and Andi a ball and they are good to go!" It was true back then and after this weekend I found that it's still true. And we've apparently passed it on to our kids.

On Sunday, after a glorious afternoon nap for each of us,
Caroline and I went into the backyard to see
what the boys were up to.

Turns out B and Drew were in the middle
of a pretty intense kickball match.
It included some fast sprinting around the bases,

high jumps to avoid getting out,
(I was SO impressed with Old Man Sweat's vertical!)

some sweet catches,

and the loss of one old pair of sandals.
It was a fierce battle, but I think B-train
came back to win in the end.

After that, Caroline was up for a few rounds
of "Ring Around The Rosy."

She still doesn't get the "we all fall down" part.

But she thought it was funny to tackle me
when I was down.

Then Brandon proceeded to show us
some of his sweet scooter moves.
Yee haw.

And Andrew's back was feeling good enough
to practice dunking. Woot!

At this point, Whit finally woke up
from her extended nap and joined us
for some volleyball.

The kids giggled at my demonstration
of how to get down to receive the ball
Bend those long legs, girl!

Man, do I miss playing volleyball.

It felt so good to have sore forearms again.

Andrew rounded out the sports-fest with a
three-point shooting contest.
He predicted a run of 10 for 10.
You'll have to ask him how close he got.

Whit cheered for him.
Go, Dad!

Before we finally gave up and went in for dinner,
the kids and I put together a big ol' chalk masterpiece.
We called it the Haunted Halloween Party.

Andrew was drawing his own work of art,
"Don't Mess With Sweat."

Now that's my idea of a near-perfect Sunday afternoon/evening. (I guess it could've been better if dinner would have magically been waiting for me when I went in.) What's yours?


carmar76 said...

That definitely looks and sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon! My perfect any afternoons are when I get to play w/ my neices and/or nephews. : )

shelley said...

this had to have been during the last two sundays while andrew was relieved of all cumbersome church duties. no way would you have been able to have that long of an all-out sports fest any other time. and i also agree the vertical on OMS is impressive! he needs to get an epidural every year!

Natalie said...

Sounds like lots of fun! especially the naps!

Erika said...

Right now our idea of a near-perfect Sunday is going to the in-laws, eating good food, and watching Mia take over the house while we relax and talk. Mmmm...good times:)

{kim} said...

If you lived in Winslow you could be on our co-ed volleyball team! It's so much fun!!

Ang said...

Love it!

And it's so great to see old man Sweat leaping around like a teenager.

Grandma Sweat said...

You had me from that first photo. What a fun post! Everyone looks like they're in fine form and bursting with athleticism! My nearly perfect Sunday is when Wyatt and Vivian and their extended families come to dinner......all that's missing is a couple of other families :)
Grandma Sweat

The Oregonians said...

We're with Whitney --looong naps.

Andrew: Close but no cigar?

carrie said...

days like these are one of the reasons you got to have a family - good times

amy said...

You know grass can be fun and all, but there's sure a lot of fun things that can be done with a big cement area in a backyard. Looks like you guys had a blast! Great photography on all those action shots.

Kiersten said...

Nothing quite like family time. You guys do such a great job!

Sandy said...

Great pictures! I'm super impressed that you got some "air" shots - I always catch the picture just as the person is hitting the ground (so they look like they're about to fall down). Your backyard is beautiful, by the way!

Martha P. said...

I know of a volleyball program that is dying to get started at Pilot!!!