Thursday, October 08, 2009

Heritage bulletin board

A few months ago, our friend Greg won an auction for some bulletin boards and chalk boards. They were more than he could handle, so he shared the wealth. I was the proud owner a 4 foot by 8 foot bulletin board. AND I happened to have a wall that was completely empty and screaming for some sort of decoration.

So the idea of a family heritage bulletin board was born. It took several months to complete. Not that I was working on it that whole time. Most of the time it was just sitting in the hall creating an eyesore. But with Andrew's help, I finally completed it. Or at least it's MOSTLY done. I would love to add a few more photos if I can find them.

And here it is:

Our family tree in photos.

Andrew's maternal grandparents have
the most representation.
If my calculations are correct
(no guarantees there),
the oldest pics are about 200 years old.
It is so neat to put faces with the
names on our pedigree charts.

Parting shot
I took this pic today.
Fall is in the air!
Love this time of year.


shelley said...

"parting shot" - hahahaha!

love your pedigree chart. i think i'll steal it. the idea that is. and i guess i can't make fun of you next time you get excited about free chalk and cork boards.

lynnissa said...

That's so neat! I have been trying to figure out how to display some of my old family photos, not that I will be doing this but keeps me positive that I can figure something out.

Sandy said...

I LOVE THAT! I have had a similar idea brewing for a few years...but was going to do a big tree out of vinyl and stick it to the wall going down our stairwell...but I like your idea much better!

Ang said...

How cool!! I love it.

Natalie said...

You are so crafty! Love the idea.

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

Natalie - Andrea is very, very crafty. If you take your eye off her for a minute, she'll steal your wallet!

Love the FH board, babe. What a great idea.

amy said...

Great idea! I just saw the beginning of the family tree Tony's making in their basement and I think it's such a great idea to put pictures with the names like that.

The Oregonians said...

Great idea. Can the living send pictures of when they were younger?
Watch your email.

Grandma Sweat said...

Oh dad, you're so cute :) Andrea, the wall looks really great and I'm so impressed that you're creating this memory for Brandon, Whitney and Care Bear!
Love to you,
Grandma Sweat (still living)

Aunt Julie said...

I know and love all those people on your wall! What a great idea, Andi!

Jayne said...

Andrea, I love this project SO MUCH. When you told me about it, I thought that it sounded neat. But seeing it all I can say is WOW.

I am SO going to swipe your idea :)

Millican_Jorrit said...

I love this family tree idea. What a great way of reminding kids about all the other people they're related to. I'll have to find a spare patch of wall to try this out.