Sunday, October 04, 2009

Updates and tidbits

A collection of random things I've left off the blog.

*Our garden.
We put in a little veggie garden in the backyard this year.

We have LOVED it.
It started off looking so clean and manicured.
Now it's very unruly, but still producing.

Here's a sampling:
Pear tomatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, jalapenos.
We also have a ton of cherry tomatoes.
We didn't even have to use pesticides on it
this year. Sweet!
Failure crops: watermelon and yellow squash.
Our zucchini plant gave us ONE veggie.

*Brandon started Cub Scouts!
It still seems weird that I have a kid this old.
He is excited and so is Andrew.

He already earned his Bobcat.
Way to go, B-train!

He's also keeping up his Jedi skills.

*Whit started tumbling class.
It is hard work!
She comes out sweating at the end of her hour.

But she has a lot of fun, too.
Her favorite part is jumping on trampolines at the end.

*She had a visit with her favorite eye doctor last month.
It made her day!

And we were happy, too, because he gave us more
good news on her eyes. They are maintaining vision,
so we're just going to keep monitoring. We go back
in six months. Yippee!

*She's also learning how to ride her bike...
without training wheels.
Of course it was on a Sunday after church.
I hear that dresses are the BEST for bike-riding.
She did pretty well, but still needs some practice.

*Caroline is just as cute as ever.
Here she is at joy school.
We studied circles.

I don't know how she pulled this off,
but she was pretty excited about her new look.

*Andrew's back is doing pretty well.
He still has bad days, but is able to get out
and play basketball in the backyard when he can
and at church one night a week.
No trips to the ER recently.
We celebrate small victories around here.

*I've been making a little bit of progress on
my persuasive writing class.
I've finished the rough draft on my first three
assignments. After Andrew proofreads them for
me, I have one more six page paper to do and
then I can turn them in. They are NOT good.
I'm kind of embarrassed.

Oh, and my debit card info got stolen.
I've spent hours on the phone getting
that resolved. Ugh. What a pain.

And that's what we've been up to.


Natalie said...

Love Caroline's sense of fashion!

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

The pic of Whit riding her bike is awesome. It's cool to see her being brave on stuff like that.

shelley said...

i think you should publish one of your papers and let US judge how lame they are. plus, it would give us really good fodder to make fun of the always perfect andrea!!! ;)

Toni said...

I might have a few papers left over from my teaching days. You can have some if you want! :)

carrie said...

love the pic on caroline in the helmet on the bike - she's a keeper

carrie said...

love the pic on caroline in the helmet on the bike - she's a keeper

amy said...

That's a bummer about your debit card info. How did it get stolen?

I'm jealous of your veggie garden. This is the first year I wasn't able to do one and I miss it. Even Jack was asking when we could plant peas again.