Friday, October 30, 2009

Free LDS books

I just received this forwarded e-mail and it was too good to not share. There are no catches, sign-ups, or passwords--just free downloads. I already tried it out. Enjoy!

Subject: free church books (seriously)
From: John Hilton III
Sorry for the form email - I'm just excited about this and wanted to pass it on. I'm working on my doctorate degree and part of what I'm studying is what happens when books are made available for free.

I've been working with Deseret Book and they have made 8 of their books available for FREE DOWNLOAD at Several of the books are ones I thought you might be interested in. The books are:

1. Please Pass the Scripture (by me).
2. What I Wish I Would Have Known When I Was Single (by John Bytheway).
3. Women at the Well (by Richard and Jeni Holzapfel).
4. Digging Deeper (by Robert Eaton).
5. 10 Secrets Wise Parents Know (by Brent Top and Bruce Chadwick).
6. Growing Up: Gospel Answers About Maturation and Sex (by Brad Wilcox).
7. Saving Kristen (by Jack Weyland). (fiction)
8. The Hidden Path (by C.B. Andersen). (fiction)

I've read part or all of all of these books and they are great. If nothing else, I recommend that you go download them all and save them for future reference as they will only be available online for free for a short time. A lot of people aren't aware that books like these even exist, much less that they are available for free.

Please feel free to forward this email on to anyone you think would be interested in getting some free church books. I would love to help share these great, free resources with as many people as possible. Some of the books help you get more out of the scriptures. Others are good for parenting. Some are just plain fun. Go check out I hope you like the books!

--John Hilton III


Natalie said...

Sweet. Just downloaded the parenting one.

carmar76 said...

Thank you for sharing this link!

Grandma Sweat said...

Andrea - You are a blogging MACHINE - it has been a blast to read through everything and look at the pictures - Your Halloween costumes rocked! and Caroline is simply too cute. Andrew cracked me up in his costume - he looks just like Tony with his the bottom half of his face covered up by whatever animal pelt that is that's covering it up!

Happy Halloween!
Grandma Sweat

The Oregonians said...

Of course we all know that John Hilton III is co-author of another best seller from Deseret Book,
WHY, written in conjunction with Tony. We're looking forward to HOW.