Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Andrew's New Job

HUGE congratulations to Andrew!  As of last Tuesday, his responsibilities at Avery have changed.  He has been managing the Human Resources for several manufacturing plants here in the U.S.  Now he will be in charge of HR for the U.S. Sales organization.  He is excited for the new challenge.  We definitely feel blessed with the opportunities he has been given at Avery.

To celebrate, we went out for Japanese at Bonsai.  Yum.

We discovered that the kids like scallops.
They have much more adventurous tastes than their mother.
Caroline loves Japanese food.
She kept asking for leftovers for the next three days.
Too bad they only lasted for one.

So, what does the new job mean for our family?  The amount of time that Andrew spends traveling will increase.  The kids are getting old enough and independent enough that we both feel OK about that.  While we won't be relocating immediately, it is probable that we'll be moving to Dallas early next year.  The kids might just get those cowboy boots they wanted.


The Giles Files said...

Wow, that's great news! (Both your hubby getting a promotion, and your kids liking scallops) Congrats!

ps - I won't eat scallops either. But I have whole long list of things I won't eat. Most either swim in the ocean or come from stinky fungus.

The Giles Files said...

oh and I always get the words scallions and scallops confused.

Sawyers Family said...

Congrats to Andrew! Now, if/when you move to Texas, your trips to Utah won't be nearly so long!

Natalie said...

Booo. Don't move. Stay here forever. :(.

carmar76 said...

oh my goodness, congrats to andrew!! and dallas is a nice place, would be a cool (or ... hot...) adventure for you guys!! : )

Grandma Sweat said...

It's so cute that the kids like Japanese food! That means they like ANYTHING! Caroline's honey curls and Whitney's sleek mane in that last picture are so beautiful. And Brandon's Jim Carey-do is awesome (why does it remind me of Jim Carey? Didn't he do that to his enormous head of hair for some movie?). Also Andrew's eyes of blue are fun to see without glasses covering them up - as are your eyes of green.
congratulations on the new adventure with Andrew's career - his job has been a huge blessing for your family and we are so grateful as his mom and dad for the opportunities he has been given at Avery. And Dallas feels soooo much closer than North Carolina because it IS!!
Love to you!
Grandma Sweat

amy said...

Congrats! I'm glad it's all official now. Have you started looking for houses yet? I LOVE house hunting - even for other people - so send me some links to the houses you're looking at.
Whit and Caroline look about as different as Macy and Carly. (-: I don't think I've ever had scallops or ever will. In fact, I can't think of eating much Japanese food at all.

Julie said...

Don't move to Texas. Listen to the wisdom of your Aunt Julie. Okay, let's see the plus side..... You'll have great barbecue and be able to buy a mansion for a song. The bluebonnets fill the fields and grow alongside the freeways in April. Bluebell ice cream is almost as good as Tillamook and you can learn (or continue to use, if they say it in N.C.) "I was just fixin' to..." as well as "I like to have..." (ah lawk tuh have), which means "almost". Heavy sigh. Best of luck.

Kiersten said...

Oh and it took me until just this year to try scallops, and I really like them.

Ang said...

We're excited for you guys and your new adventure. And Japanese food? Mmmmmm . . . Even scallops! Next up, sushi! I betcha they LOVE sushi in Dallas. :-)

Sandy said...

What an adventure! Congrats Andrew, and yay for your kids' adventurous food tastes!

Jayne said...

Happy for you. Sad for me.

rob, jax & max: the harmon squad said...

Congrats Andrew! But I can't envision a Lakefield Ward without the Sweats... And it looks like we'll have to come visit you guys in Dallas, 'cause we're moving to El Paso. We can all sport our cowboy boots together:)

A Hunter said...

Aww. Mixed emotions. :(
But SO happy for your new adventure! I love those big happy changes.