Thursday, September 30, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes--September

9/3--I guess I wasn't the only one impressed with the Egypt exhibit at the museum we visited in Alabama.  This evening while Whit was working on her craft at Fun Friday she said, "This will go perfectly with my sarcophagus costume."   I didn't even know she HAD one of those.

 A girl who knows her Egyptian terminology.

9/5--Random Whitney comment:  "I can see perfectly.  But I bet you can't.  You don't have eyes like a hawk."

"Mom, can you SEE what Brandon's about to do to me???"

9/5--A little Mormon humor:  Andrew designed an avatar for his fantasy football team that is completely opposite of his personality.  He loves it and told us, "It's so ironic."
Brandon said, "The priesthood?"
Andrew, "Not Aaronic, Ironic."

9/6--We have a little clip-on tie in our dress-up trunk.  Caroline was wearing it today and said, " the church...of the stadium..." in her most authoritative voice.  Cracked.  Me.  Up.

This little princess has a flair for the dramatic.

9/9--We were waiting in line to check out at a store and Caroline looked up at me and asked, "Are you my grandfather?"

 Apparently she misses her grandpas.

9/11--The boys and I are SO excited that football season has started.  Whitney is not.  Today she said, "I don't care about football!  I care about science!"

 Hooray for science!

9/16--Whit hurt her head and came to tell me about it.
Me:  I'm sorry that happened.  Do you want a kiss?
Whit:  No.  Kisses don't make it feel better.  They just make it wet.
Me:  [silent frown]
I guess she's outgrown that phase.

9/21--Caroline and Whit play so cute together right now.  They are in a phase of playing "food" where they cook for each other and eat their pretend meals.   This morning Caroline made me some ice cream out of legos.  When I asked her what flavor it was, she told me, "Umbrella and chocolate." 

 Yummm....umbrella and chocolate.

9/21--Fuming over having to unload the dishwasher AGAIN, Whitney told me, "I wish I was a gorilla so I didn't have to do chores."

9/24--Whit's not the only one who wishes she was a member of the animal kingdom.  Today B told me, "I wish I was a lizard cause I would get a lot of attention and could climb up anything."

Feeling attention deprived?
Act like a lizard!

9/24--Deep thoughts by Brandon Trey, "Can you imagine how much the world would change if everyone took everything literally?"

9/26--Over dinner tonight, I was asking the kids about their favorite parts of the beach trip.
Brandon's?  Magiquest
 Give the boy a working wand and he is a happy camper.

Whitney's?  Finding mussels in the sand at the beach.  
 Are these actually mussells?  That's what we called them all weekend.  
And our kids were dang good at finding them. 

Caroline's?  Snacks.
She'd rather be eating.

9/27--Caroline is going through a phase where she can tell if she has done something wrong and wants to do everything in her power to not get in trouble.  She has two main tactics.  The first is to close her eyes and pretend that no one can see her.  That's what she did at the Wal-Mart register when she opened a bottle of sunscreen and squeezed half of it out.
You can't see me!

Her other method cracks me up.  When we come into a room and she has done something she knows she shouldn't have done, she quickly pipes up, "I love you, Mommy!" before I can talk to her about the problem.  Hilarious.

How could we get upset at a face like that???

9/30--When Care Bear woke up this morning, she told me, "I'm SO hungry and drinky."


Ang said...

Okay, so the kisses don't make it better, they just make it wet, is both hilarious and wise. Love OOTMOB!

Natalie said...

Your kids are too funny. I love Caroline's tactics to get out of trouble.

Kami Lynn Ferguson said...

Oh kids and the things they say! Makes me laugh! Thanks for sharing!

Andrew said...

I wish I had a gorilla too so I didn't have to go to work. This was a great OOMB.

Joey/Denny/Emma said...

Your kids never fail to make astute and humorous remarks. They are funny and SMART!

amy said...

Love the tactics Caroline uses. Macy hugs me or pushes me out of the room.

Is Brandon really mid-kick in that picture?

Sandy said...

Another great one!

By the way, your pictures are giving you away. I'm beginning to suspect that your children might secretly be ninjas.

Kiersten said...

Another great post!
Your kids are so funny :)

mom sweat said...

The highlight of each month! Thanks so much. The kids are hilarious, beautiful shots, everyone looks great, the girls are gorgeous, and I love the full-facial picture of Brandon in all his toothsome glory!