Tuesday, September 07, 2010

First Friday Downtown

My friend, Kelly, told me about First Friday a couple of months ago.  It is series of free outdoor concerts downtown.  Well, our last experience with a free outdoor concert did NOT go well, so I had my hesitations.  But on her recommendation, we gave it a try. 

Loved it.

All of us had a blast.

 We ate red vines.

Relaxed on the lawn.

Listened to a couple of bands.
A little on the hard rock side.
Just enough.
We liked em.

Visited the craft table where the challenge was to
get creative with a paper plate.
Whit was up for it with this feather-laden mask.

While Caroline carefully cut a fringe all the way around hers.
She's a fan of scissors.

Whit had some cute one-on-one time with Daddy.

Brandon challenged complete strangers to lightsaber duels.
All the cool kids were doing it.

And everyone tried to console Caroline when she
inadvertently took a lightsaber to the eye.

Other than her minor injury, the night was a huge success.
We hope to go again next month.
Anyone care to join us?


Toni said...

Music...Outside...We are there. Please remind me!

Natalie said...

That sounds like fun! Poor care bear though.

Grandma Sweat said...

I love that picture of Caroline and the red vines! What a fun adventure for you - the last picture is great too - it's not fun to get a lightsaber in the eye.
Grandma Sweat

The Oregonians said...

Caroline --May the force be with you.
I wish the force would be with me when I try to make a comment and have to do some things twice because the word verification doesn't show up. Any suggestions?