Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tooth pullin' contraption: take two

Whitney's teeth are dropping as fast as the fall temperatures.  Her right central incisor was just barely hanging in there.  She decided to follow big bro's example and try the string-tied-to-the-stairs technique.  Here's how it went.

The quality is less than stellar.  My camera apparently wants more lighting than that.  Movie-making is ALL about the lighting. 

She was super brave!  She is saving her tooth fairy money until she has $49 to buy an expensive toy.  Only she doesn't have a specific toy in mind.  She wants to walk around Target to find something worth saving for.  Interesting.

And here she is in all her toothless glory:
Ta da!


Natalie said...

She is so brave! All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!

amy said...

That's a great video! I love Whit's squeal of surprise when it pops out!

carmar76 said...

Way to go, Whit! Very brave - I never let anyone near my teeth when they were loose. "It'll come out when it's ready." LOL And I love that she has $49 in mind - but not the specific toy!! : )

Kiersten said...

Cute :)

The Oregonians said...

Is this method recognized by the
American Dental Academy?
Good work, Whitney. Keep saving.
Love to you all

Grandma Sweat with capped central incisors said...

I love that you called it Whitney's "right central incisor!" - your education has served you well! My GOSH that's a gaping hole in the front too! Just readying itself for two beautiful central incisors - right and left! I watched the video 3 times and loved it! Thanks so much you darling Sweats!
Grandma Sweat