Friday, September 17, 2010

Labor Day 2010

I keep putting off my Labor Day post because I can't think of a good commentary.  So instead, I'm just putting up our pics for documentation's sake. 

Except for Saturday's.

Because I forgot to take my camera to the water park to capture our last day there for the season.

It was fun, but just a few degrees too chilly.

Battleground Park
(Who am I kidding?  I have to add a captions.)
We can feel the history in the air here.

Up close and personal with the local wildlife.

We're convinced Caroline is going to be a track star.
She is always running.

Geocaching at Piedmont Environmental Center
Andrew had never been before.
An he found the first (and only) cache!

Love the greenway.

Also love taking pics of my kids jumping off things.

Awesome hair, Whit!

Caroline was drinking out of a big girl water bottle.
No sippy cup.
I think she's wearing more water than she drank.

Backyard cook out
Another cub scout requirement:  Help prepare an outdoor meal.

A hallmark of summer:  al fresco dining.


Farewell, summer.  You are such a fun, laid-back, adventurous season.  We'll miss you.  See you next year!


Natalie said...

So fun! Gosh I need some smores right now. Yum. I love the pic of Caroline with her walking stick. Too cute.

Grandma Sweat said...

Oh Farewell summer back atcha! Now summer is looking forward to your family coming to town - when I look at the back yard I want a couple of swimming pools set up! I remember when we visited Battleground Park with you a few years ago. It was such a spiritual experience and I was unprepared for it but it's really amazing. Have a wonderful Sunday!
Grandma Sweat

The Oregonians said...

Thanks for the hiking pictures.
What a great deck you have for
enjoying eating outdoors.
(Hey, this time the word identification is visible: rakityl.

Merci beaucoup!